Thursday Jun 01, 2023

WTF Friday: Making the Beastie Boys Proud

I mean, the Beastie Boys said it best…you gotta fight for your right to party. If you don’t know the lyrics to that song, there’s a spot in the song about your mom throwing out your best porno mags. Well, I’m not clearly not referencing the bullshit that happened at the Capitol.

Oh, no this is so much better. A 42 year old man sued his parents for throwing out his collection of porn…and his sex toys. And he won. This Michigan man claimed his porn was worth $25k. Instead of putting his valuable collection into storage, he brought them into mommy and daddy’s house after his divorce. His parents warned him not to do that, but he did it anyway. They trashed it. He sued and won. I hope his parents evict him. Seriously, why not just get a storage unit or, you know, get your own fuck pad?

Judge Agrees Lawsuit Against University of Kentucky Can Move Forward

Speaking of lawsuits, a judge agreed that a lawsuit filed against the University of Kentucky can continue. The students filed the lawsuit because they were still being charged mandatory student fees after no longer being able to attend class in-person. However, the judge dismissed part of the lawsuit where the students requested partial tuition refunds. The mandatory fees went to support facilities that that students are not able to use because of the pandemic.

Nothing Is Assured Except Death and…Disbarment?

The Florida Bar disbarred a Delray Beach attorney in 2020 because she failed to respond to their request for specific paperwork. The purpose of the Bar in any state is to protect the public. Well, there’s just one little problem…the attorney they disbarred died in 2019. No wonder she didn’t respond to their request.

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