Tuesday Jul 05, 2022

Using WPeMatico? Pay Attention to How It Posts

And I guess all kinds of chaos ensued on the main domain. I would get requests from other team members to fix things, such as graphics, that I had no way to fix because I didn’t have access to the main domain. Our beloved Efficiency Coordinator (as we call her) went on vacation. During her absence, I was given a log-in to the main domain so that I could post some images for the weekly podcast to that domain. Of course, I already knew that the two domains required images of a different size because of complaints from other team members beyond my control. (You cannot fix what you’re not given access to fix.)

During the last year of my client’s use of WPeMatico I noticed something specific. While the blog I updated would show a preview of the new post on the home page, clicking the link to go to the new blog would (of course) redirect the reader to the other domain (which was the purpose of using WPeMatico), but WPeMatico takes time. It doesn’t instantly show up on the other domain. Meaning that if subscribed readers to the older domain get the email update and visit the blog and click on it, they basically get an “Oops – sorry this page doesn’t exist.”

In my opinion as a professional blogger? That is no bueno.

I noticed something else yesterday that bugged me, too. I wanted to update my client’s blog to add an image she received because she’s speaking at a tech conference at the end of the month. Since I know WPeMatico apparently takes time to update the domain it feeds over to, I decided I’d manually update that one since I can now log-in. So, I update the one blog I’ve always had access to visit (because if you really know what you’re doing, you can finagle around and get to the blog on it…but it’s a real pain in the ass and I doubt most readers will do it. I can only do it because I wanted to make sure nothing looked wonky and I’ve used WordPress for ages).

I hop over to the other blog and pull up the post to look at it. And
it looks
a bit like this
where the sentences are
all wacky.

And I was pissed. Because I wrote the original post on Friday of last week.

Although I planned to work over the weekend and update the post to include the icon, I found out one of my best friends died. Needless to say, work was the last thing on my mind. So, whenever in the hell WPeMatico decided to finally feed the blog post over, it looked like hell…and people saw it. My client is a professional. This was totally unacceptable. I don’t know if it’s because the two WordPress sites use different themes or what. We use Slack so I started taking screenshots and sending it to her. This wasn’t in an effort to rat on anyone. I am fully aware this is because of WPeMatico and I said as much. It took the featured image and put it in the post. It also stripped the blog of its tags. It also stripped the image of its alt text (important for SEO purposes). It fucked up a lot of things.

I know how the main blog feeds through WPeMatico. In order to save myself the fucking hassle, my plan is to speak with my client about NOT using it and killing the redirect. I have a log-in. I can just post the blog. Because as it stands, I already have to go in and fix the dozens and dozens of posts that moved over last year and reformat all of them and fix all of the images.

So, if you’re using WPeMatico, do yourself a favor and check how the republished blogs look on the new domain. Go in if necessary and manually tweak them or turn that shit off because it is clearly a train wreck.

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