What If It Isn’t about Balance?

We hear and read a lot about work-life balance. And for women, because that’s all I can speak to directly since that’s my experience, it’s an especially difficult concept. We’re given this ideal of what is considered the perfect woman: must be a mom, must be married, must be a professional, must be at every practice for the kid(s), must help with homework, must have a great relationship with spouse, must keep the home, must give back to the community, must be a solid member of their local church…. And there’s only 24 hours in a day.

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2 Ingredients to Newsletter Success

If you have a newsletter, you started it with pretty much one thing in mind: sales or clicks. For example, if you just have a blog like this one that may have affiliate links or ads, but you aren’t really looking for sales, you just want click-throughs on your links to get your audience to land on certain pages. If you are in business, you want sales.

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Handling the “Yeah, Right” Crowd

I was probably about a year into working from home as a writer when I stopped telling people that I was (and am) a freelance writer. I started telling people I was (am) a professional writer or that I create digital content. I started doing this because the almost immediate response from people was, “Oh, are you between real jobs?” Then, they usually followed up with other questions that were rude and not their business…the questions you wouldn’t ask someone who holds a more traditional job.

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