Sweet Memories & Good Times

My oldest son, almost 21 years, is staying with us for the week while his truck is under repair. We live closer to his job than he does and he needed us to take him to and from work for the week. While we were driving to go get his work boots that he forgot, he looked at me and asked, “Do you remember when I was little and we lived in Arkansas and talked to you about mistletoe? You immediately told me the Norse legend of how Loki killed Baldur with mistletoe.”

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Carrots, Celery, and All Things Produce (Oh My!)

So, I purchased a juicer last night. It’s nothing extravagant: a Hamilton Beach juicer that cost around $60. Before I went to buy it, I chose some juice recipes. Baby Bull and I then hit up the produce aisle. We buy a lot of fruits and vegetables in general…but there are some we don’t buy because no one eats them. Baby Bull will eat baby … Continue reading Carrots, Celery, and All Things Produce (Oh My!)

The Daily Post Prompt of the Day: Entertain

You can find the link to the main post here. When you work from home, you must become adept at entertaining your own brain. It can be difficult to stay engaged with your work and with your life…especially if you’re not used to the extra responsibility. There’s no real line between home and work when you work where you live. So, you have to learn … Continue reading The Daily Post Prompt of the Day: Entertain

Apparently, I’m Not a Real Writer

I am involved on writing groups on Facebook. I try to answer questions for people who want to get into professional writing. I responded to a thread yesterday in re whether being a professional writer was as hard as any other industry. After giving my two cents, another respondent told me that I wasn’t a “real” writer because I am not published (in the sense … Continue reading Apparently, I’m Not a Real Writer