Time Management Resources: Set Yourself up to Win

I’ve always been excellent when it comes to time management, at least until 2021. Even though COVID (December 2020 through February 2021), I worked like a madwoman to stay on top of stuff. In a second, I’ll tell you a funny story about that. Between long-haul symptoms and getting diagnosed with systemic lupus (among many other shitty things that happened), my time management skills have just sucked. So, I’ve pretty much had to find time management resources, and they’ve been hit or miss. That’s why I decided to create this blog post because I want you to set yourself up to win.

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The Freelancer’s Holiday Survival Guide

I can tell you first-hand that holiday survival as a freelancer can be tough. It doesn’t always matter if you’re new. Of course, if you kept your day job (or if you were lucky enough during the pandemic to not get laid off) while starting your freelance business, you’ll probably not shit your pants right now when it appears your clients stop talking to you and you wonder if you’ll die by New Year’s from starvation. Even experienced freelancers, regardless of their field, can get swept up in the holiday frenzy. So, if you’re a new freelancer, take heart. It can be scary as fuck. Here are some of my best tips in this freelancer’s holiday survival guide.

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How My 3rd Grade Teacher Made Me the Bad Ass Self-Employed Writer I Am Today

In third grade, I had three teachers because we moved. At the second school, one teacher left so Mrs. Wright became my teacher at John Adams Elementary in Oklahoma City. Then, just like now, I tended to finish my work quickly. Mrs. Wright didn’t care if we finished early as long as we would remain quiet and not disrupt others. We could color, read, or do whatever.

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