Freelancing Isn’t Free: Don’t Get Fucked Over

If you’re a new freelancer, be very careful because at some point, someone will try to convince you that they will pay you later. It happened to me a few years ago (twice; once for $10 and I wasn’t about to chase down $10…and once for $350 for a ghostwritten non-fiction book that I still own the rights on that Justice Legal Team before it became Justice Legal Team wrote a demand letter for payment and gave the publisher a certain number of days to pay or stated clearly that I would retain rights and sue their fucking pants off and own their company if they tried to use the book…clearly, I’m not quoting the letter verbatim).

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Upwork Client Training 101

At some point, those of us who work on Upwork eventually work with someone who is brand new to the platform. They also have little to no experience working with a freelancer. There are some new clients who are very open to learning. There are others who have some unrealistic expectations about working with a freelancer and working on Upwork. The good news is that as a freelancer on Upwork, there are some things you can do to help new clients learn the process while also not feeling as if you’re responsible for babysitting them.

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