Greetings from Pukeland – Population: Me.

There are very few things worse in the life of a work at home mom than catching a fucking stomach bug. So, yesterday, Bull and I considered the fact that I might be getting sick. Because I started crying over something really, really stupid (and no, I’m not talking about Toiletgeddon although that repeated itself yesterday, too). Today, I don’t eve remember what in the … Continue reading Greetings from Pukeland – Population: Me.

What I’ve Learned from a Week of Doing Profile Critiques

After Upwork was kind enough to feature me in their Spotlight piece through social media, I was inundated with Facebook friend requests, messages, and the likes. Some were well wishers and people already bringing in money from freelancing. Others were people who were struggling to make freelancing work for them.

So, I thought I’d be nice and offer to review their profiles and give them free advice on how to improve. I didn’t get that sort of help. I learned by trial and error. I’ve worked with enough clients over the last four years that I know what they do and don’t want to see and read on a profile.  Continue reading “What I’ve Learned from a Week of Doing Profile Critiques”

If You Want to Be More Successful, Follow These 3 Valuable Tips


Okay, so…first, before I start on a tangent, I’d like to say one thing. Money isn’t the only measure of success. Of course, money is a necessity if you don’t want to be homeless and if you like fancy things like indoor plumbing (water) and electricity. I dunno about y’all, but I also like to eat. So, when I talk about success, I certainly mean making enough money to cover the bills. Past that? Well, define success on your own terms.  Continue reading “If You Want to Be More Successful, Follow These 3 Valuable Tips”

Learn How to Start Being Great


This morning, I’m going to give you a little pep talk so that you can learn how to start being great. Yes, really.

When people think about what it takes to be great, they have these grand ideas of taking over the world. A thought of that magnitude can cause someone to freeze up. They don’t think they’re capable. They don’t think they can handle it. Yet, the main reason why people are average?  Continue reading “Learn How to Start Being Great”

Lecture 2 for Master Series: Freelance Writing, Robin addresses the 20 myths of freelance writing. Why is this important? Because if you’re going to be a freelance writer, you should go into the game knowing what to expect so that your odds of success increase. Don’t miss Lecture 1.  Don’t forget to subscribe here on Podbean so that you NEVER miss an episode! Check out Confessions from the Couch and American … Continue reading

So, one of my nieces doesn’t believe in dinosaurs.

Two of our nieces spent the night on Saturday. It was fun. We made bread. We attempted (keyword) cake balls. We attempted (keyword) caramel (stupid weather…). It rained all day on Sunday. We’re sitting around and watching Hulu and the younger of the two (she’s seven) sat next to me on the couch. Continue reading “So, one of my nieces doesn’t believe in dinosaurs.”

Practicality: My Personal Philosophy

I am a practicality junkie in life and in business. I hate it when things are made more complicated than they need to be. People often miss the beauty (and the serenity) that embracing the practical brings. We live in a complex world. There are apps, websites, and books that teach us 1001 methodologies to do pretty much anything. And then there are the “gurus” of said methodologies who believe that only their method will bring you peace and prosperity. Of course, then you have their converts. For the most part, I’m a very live and let live sort of person. If you love to complicate things (in your own life and not in the lives of others), do your thing. Continue reading “Practicality: My Personal Philosophy”