Client Guide: How to Buy the Perfect Gift for Your Freelancer During the Holidays

Most of us know what it’s like to work a traditional (meaning not working from home) job. There are a lot of drawbacks, but there are also a few perks. And you may not see the perks right now if you’re reading this and you’re interested in working from home.

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From the Mailbag: Do I Really Need Facebook as a Business?

Facebook is a social media platform that so many of us LOVE to hate. Six or seven years ago, you had to get at least 25 likes to see the reach of any post. If you got over 100 likes, Facebook began to limit your reach unless you paid to boost a post or sponsor one. Then, they instituted a lot (and I mean a lot) of rules about what you could and couldn’t say. You needed an 80/20 graphic to word ratio. You couldn’t use certain words. Their targeting system, though, has always been really cool.

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How to Deal with a Bad Virtual Receptionist

One of my clients, an entertainment law office, uses a virtual receptionist company (that shall remain unnamed). The two receptionists are supposed to answer the phone and roll certain calls to me. If anyone comes into their facility (because they also I guess collect mail or something), they’re supposed to give out the cell phone number that goes to me and explain they are a virtual office. Yet, once or twice a month I get a phone call from an irate client or potential client…because the virtual receptionist treated them like shit.  Continue reading “How to Deal with a Bad Virtual Receptionist”

You Hired a Writer – Now What?


I mean, they just crack their knuckles, rub the sides of their head with their fingers, raise an eyebrow at you (or their computer screen as they gaze appreciatively at your email), and stare hard…then, magic happens, right? Magically, the words travel from their brain and into the Word document. It will be perfect. It will be exactly what you want, right?  Continue reading “You Hired a Writer – Now What?”

Tip for Those Who Hire Freelance Writers

Hey everyone! Today, I have a tip for those who hire freelance writers. That tip is this: freelance writers can’t read your mind. If there’s something specific you want highlighted in your blog or in your web page content, you need to ensure that your freelance writer knows. This is equally true during the editing process. Many freelance writers will provide a round or two … Continue reading Tip for Those Who Hire Freelance Writers