Honest to God Snow

Believe it or not, snow that sticks isn't something we see a lot of in central Oklahoma.
Believe it or not, snow that sticks isn’t something we see a lot of in central Oklahoma.
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Working from Home When Sick

BB and I both have the plague. At least, it feels like the plague. In reality, it’s just strep throat. But it’s a weird strep for both of us. Neither of us have a fever. He is, of course, on antibiotics. I am not. I am allergic to many antibiotics. Strep also runs its course in three to seven days. The last time I had strep, seven years ago, was much worse and landed me in the hospital….twice. And I was on antibiotics that time. I don’t feel anywhere near that bad. Anyway, I figured now is a prime time to talk about working from home when sick.

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How to Improve & Repair Your Emotional Availability

It is no secret that I have CPTSD and OCD. Of course, over the years, I’ve learned to adapt and to take care of myself appropriately. And that includes a lot of different things.

Lately, I’ve noticed a trend on social media wherein people are encouraged to ask their friends or family if they have emotional space or if they’re in the right frame of mind to do something or to listen to the problems of their friends. And I have an internal conflict about this.

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What If It Isn’t about Balance?

We hear and read a lot about work-life balance. And for women, because that’s all I can speak to directly since that’s my experience, it’s an especially difficult concept. We’re given this ideal of what is considered the perfect woman: must be a mom, must be married, must be a professional, must be at every practice for the kid(s), must help with homework, must have a great relationship with spouse, must keep the home, must give back to the community, must be a solid member of their local church…. And there’s only 24 hours in a day.

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