COVID-19 Won’t Be a Viable Murder Defense

I’m seeing a lot of “how to work from home with your spouse and not kill them” type posts online. And I get it…because many of you are now spending more time at home with your significant other (and probably children) than ever. Well, just remember that COVID-19 won’t be a viable murder defense. And divorce and child support are expensive.

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How to Stop Feeling Like You’re Always Behind

Even before COVID-19 happened and a lot of people had to start working from home, many of us felt like we were always behind. We had work to worry about…and a family…and don’t forget about that personal life you’re supposed to have. I mean, social media makes it look so easy. It’s easy to feel like you’re always behind…like you’re somehow failing at life. And that feeling doesn’t go away if you work from home. It doesn’t go away if you stop working from home, either. Both come with their own set of problems. Here’s how to stop feeling like you’re always behind.

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Yarrrrn Mateys!

Hey! You! Do you like crochet? Knitting? Cross stitch? What about sewing? Well, on March 28, 2020 at 1 pm CST we’re doing a virtual Stitch N Bitch. Free. Register here. Hurry – limited to 100 folks. Registration prevents Zoom bombing. No COVID talk. We get enough of that on the daily.

Dealing With Isolation & Minimizing Burnout: COVID-19 Edition

Last night I noticed an uptick in stats for the original post on how people who are new to working from home can deal with isolation and minimize the likelihood of burnout. And that’s cool and all…but it basically tells you to get the fuck out of the house and do stuff. Which, during COVID-19 is much more difficult with shelter in place orders and most states ordering non-essential businesses to close. So, it’s time to update that and talk about some ways you can deal with isolation and minimize burnout when the world is scary and we’re being told to stay the fuck at home for our safety and for the safety of others.

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Healthy Habits to Include in Your Daily Work from Home Life

Whether you’re working from home because of COVID-19 or because you run your own business, working from home is often a challenge. It’s romanticized into this notion that you have all this extra free time. And the truth is, you don’t. It can be really difficult to draw a line between work and life when you live where you work and work where you live. So, to help you out, here’s a short list of healthy habits to include in your daily work from home life.

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