Despite Legal Tech, Some Law Firms Struggle With Remote Work Even with COVID-19

According to, despite COVID-19 (because changing a virus to a name mimicking a light beer is bullshit and we all know it), some law firms will struggle to make the switch to remote work even though legal tech exists.

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Flava Flav Is No Longer Part of Public Enemy

Here, let me paraphrase what happened.

Chuck D of Public Enemy: Yes, Bernie Sanders campaign peeps, Public Enemy will perform at your rally.

Sanders peeps: Neat. Hey public, Public Enemy is fighting the power with us. Woo!

Flava Flav: Nu-uh! I am not! You stop using Public Enemy right now! Here’s a cease and desist letter from my lawyer!

Public Enemy to Flava Flav: Bye Felicia.

How this could have been avoided:

IF Chuck D knew Flava Flav did not wish to be part of this, the campaign maybe could have used Chuck D of Public Enemy…or, you know, Flava Flav mighta coulda just shhhh…and let it go. And, you know, conveniently been busy with another engagement? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Male Tennessee Law Maker Manages to Tie His Own Shoes – We All Wonder How…

Because he’s really worried the women-folk will begin stock-piling tampons!

Look, yall, even before I had a partial hysterectomy 18 years ago, I had other things to worry about than stock-piling tampons. I mean, even back then we had those crazy coupon people who could by shit for pennies or get money back from the store and leave with two basket loads of shit.

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Male Passenger Assaults Female Driver: Furries to the Rescue!

Imagine, you’re walking along the streets of San Jose, California and you see some guy in a car who should keep his hands to himself letting loose on the female driver. While most people would turn a blind eye and decide it isn’t their business (and shame on you if you are one of those people), a group of furries decided to get involved. And, yes, you read that right.

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Ozzy Osbourne Has Parkinson’s…And Water Is Wet

So, the news broke today that Ozzy Osbourne has Parkinson’s. In other news:

  • Water is wet
  • Elton John is gay
  • Sharon Osbourne is still awesome
  • Gwyneth Paltrow is still obsessed with vaginas

Thank you, Captain Obvious. I mean, while we’ve all made jokes presuming it was drugs (because, really, the health of celebrities is none of our business unless they choose to share…just like your health isn’t anyone else’s business unless you choose to share), we all kinda knew…