Using WPeMatico? Pay Attention to How It Posts

I have a client who uses WPeMatico. And I love her dearly (she knows this). She has a web dev. Back a few years ago, my job was to write for one domain the basically housed her blog. Last year, the decision was made to start using WPeMatico to feed the blog over to her main domain. Scroll down to navigate between page one and two of this post (after clicking the title, not from the home page) because WordPress is being wonky.

How to Become a Successful Freelancer: Get on Team You

When I started freelancing in 2013, there were fewer resources than there are now. Sure, Upwork was still around, but it was called oDesk. And there was eLance. Those two merged (eventually) and became Upwork. At the time, though, I thought, “Why in the hell would anyone want to hire me, someone with no professional writing experience, when there are all of these experienced professional writers on the platforms?”

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Working from Home When Sick

BB and I both have the plague. At least, it feels like the plague. In reality, it’s just strep throat. But it’s a weird strep for both of us. Neither of us have a fever. He is, of course, on antibiotics. I am not. I am allergic to many antibiotics. Strep also runs its course in three to seven days. The last time I had strep, seven years ago, was much worse and landed me in the hospital….twice. And I was on antibiotics that time. I don’t feel anywhere near that bad. Anyway, I figured now is a prime time to talk about working from home when sick.

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