Friday Mar 31, 2023

Shit I Say: Mabon Edition

Blessed Mabon to my all-inclusive and non-gender-specific fellow pagans, heathens, Christian witches, and anyone else who considers the fall equinox as Mabon. Don’t forget to bake some fucking bread, be thankful for your harvest, and do something nice for the faeries lest they hide your fucking shoes like they did mine… AND I ALWAYS LEAVE THEM AN OFFERING. Of course, I full well know their doings could be a lot worse than moving my shoes from one room to another.

So, anyway, I am pleased to present to you this edition of Shit I Say…the Mabon Edition (with my friend’s name abbreviated, and she knows who she is because I told her I was doing this, for her privacy)!

Sunday while I am working

PC: Happy Mabon!

Me: What? *wonders if maybe it’s an astrological change and I fucking missed it* Uhhh, okay…..guess I’m harvesting money for Mabon instead of making bread! I’ll make bread when I’m done.

I was still fucking confused because I’ve always celebrated on the first day of fall and meteorological fall for 2020 already passed.

Thankfully, PC clarified that many of her professional friends were celebrating that day because many couldn’t celebrate on Mabon.

So, I felt stupid…that made sense. Here it is actually Mabon. I’ll make some bread later today. In the meantime, I am so grateful to the Universe which I believe is an embodiment of the deities (sorry, but you can’t have a single father God while glorifying the institution of marriage and motherhood…) and that the deities reside in us all and that we are, indeed, part deity (if you’re Christian, read your Bible for ye are the vine grafted in able to work miracles…). Keep all the good parts and toss the rest of the bullshit to the side (all religions, not just Christianity).

Happy fall, y’all.

And if you’re new to Mabon, enjoy the harvest. Make some good harvest type foods: bread, soups, stews, and leave out an offering like milk of some kind (I use almond milk since I’m vegan…you do you…I am not the judgmental type of vegan) and bread with butter and honey (or maple syrup or whatever) for the fae and the deities.

Do some fun crafts with the littles or even just for you.

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