Tuesday May 24, 2022

Will I Lose 10 Pounds or Just My Mind?

So, I spend an unhealthy amount of time on Pinterest. Okay, so…unhealthy is too strong of a word – but I spend a lot of time there in the evenings on some days. I have various boards….makeup, funny stuff, business stuff, writing stuff, and fitness stuff (and food stuff – duh). A couple of weeks […]

The Adorableness of Defiance

Kids…amirite? There’s this saying that we want to raise strong, independent humans…but can they just not be those things right now? My babies aren’t really babies anymore at 18, 16, and 7. Yet, as an adult, I realize just how young all three of them are. I gave birth the first time at 19. My […]

Confession #2077

Sent via Facebook. As a Landman, my work can be pretty dull. It’s a 2 – 3 hour long, quiet drive to crawl through old records vaults, and then drive back to translate legalese into algebraic equations. It’s like being a Mercenary Librarian or History Detective, all the action has long since been covered in […]

Confession #7

Sent in via form. I never thought I’d work from home, let alone from my smart phone. But it’s the only thing my 14 month old son doesn’t try to play on or steal from me when I write. Here’s to at least another year of writing from my phone…at least when he’s awake.

Confession #13

Submitted via form. During the day while I am working, I like to watch shows like┬áCheaters and┬áCops because it simultaneously makes my life feel more exciting while also making me extremely grateful that I am not an idiot and that I do not have to deal with that sort of lunacy on a daily basis. […]

Work from Home Confession #73

Sent to me via Facebook. I’m surprised her spouse lived to see another day… I didn’t get shit done after sitting at my laptop for 3 hours due to multiple updates… that, and my husband’s need to fill every silent moment with corny fucking “dad jokes” Related: Staying Sane When Working from Home

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