The Ugly: Sometimes Shit Just Doesn’t Work Right

I woke up in a great mood. I felt well-rested (rarity). I bopped along through my morning routine knowing full well that I had a day full of shit that must be done. It’s Tuesday…so not only is there client work (probably a good 12 hours of it and here I am blogging at noon…) and some stuff that we needed to do that couldn’t wait. (Some of that is already done and wasn’t really a big deal. When you work from home, you learn to make it…well, work.)

So, how did I go from virtual bliss to a raging dragon? Well…since you asked…  Read more

The Best Advice You Could Ever Get about Business

From time to time, my image gets circulated around on Facebook because I bought a certain book (I liked the book – I’m not avoiding the name of it or the author because I have anything negative to say). So, I’ll get message requests and friend requests because people don’t think I’m a real person. I just demolished a 2-pound bag of chicken nuggets. I can assure you – I’m very real.  Read more

Confession #901

Confession 901

Sent to me by an attorney. Remember, if you send over your confession, you will remain anonymous. This lawyer worked from home (or as the cool kids called it, “virtual office” for quite some time). I can tell you that much of the following is applicable for anyone who is self-employed, regardless of where they work. 

I’ve put this together as a confession. It’s a handbook on how not to be an asshole client. Read more