7 Practical Communication Tactics to Help You Sell More


Okay, so let’s be honest. The purpose of working from home is to be with our families while making money. For me, effective communication is right up there with time management and self-discipline. How you communicate with others is the catalyst that determines whether someone wants to do business with you (or continue to do business with you). While I’m going to reveal some practical communication tactics that will help you sell more, it’s important that you remember that no one is perfect when it comes to communication. I am an excellent writer. I do well with public speaking IF I have plenty of time (at least 24 hours) to prepare. If I’m talking off the cuff, it takes good questions from another party or it’s likely I will sound like a drowning goat. I am a professional writer for a reason – writing is a special form of communication. I can write and rewrite something (more formerly known as editing) before I turn it over to the client or publish it. Fact is, I know how to make people feel all the things or to educate them on whatever subject I’m writing about. So, why I am I telling you that I am great writer and not so great at things like being on the phone? Because no one is perfect. When it comes to phone meetings, I can put on a brave face and do them because I practice, practice, practice basic things…but I can also come off as extremely fucking awkward.

Yet, even with that said, the same basic communication tactics can be used (you know, if you can get the fuck out of your own head, amirite?).  Read more

No, You Cannot Totally Prevent Gun Violence Related to Domestic Violence (or Any Crime)

I don’t talk about my past here much for many reasons. A couple of those reasons include:

  • I have C-PTSD from it.
  • I am a survivor of domestic violence.
  • Once the ex said on the phone he would emotionally and mentally “break” me. I am not broken and I don’t dwell much on what happened although I do talk about my experiences to bring it to light to others who may be going through it. (Curious why I write “the ex” instead of “my ex?” It’s about depersonalizing the abuse. You can read more about it here on my other blog.)

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Freelancing in America 2017 Is Out!


Hey everyone! Freelancers Union and Upwork just released the Freelancing in America 2017 survey results. I was part of the survey (through Upwork). It actually came out a couple of weeks ago, but until I went to visit Freelancers Union’s Facebook page, I had no idea the results were ready.  I dunno…I probably just missed the official announcement made in the middle of October. Anyway…here are some highlights (view the full study, including the ability to download a PDF here): Read more

Care/Of Vitamins: A Personal Review

So first a quick disclaimer: I was not compensated for this review. I was NOT given a discount for this review. I was NOT given anything free for this review. I went through their quiz process, narrowed it down to stuff I felt I needed (heart patient or not, there’s no way in HELL you’ll EVER get me to take fish oil. Gross!), and I found a 50% off coupon online that worked (one of their promotions). I paid $20 after the coupon. This month, my vitamins will cost me $29. Shipping over $20 is free as of the time I wrote this review.   Read more