Holiday Week

Well, Independence Day falls on a Thursday this year. For many, that means a four day weekend. As for me, I usually use those quiet holidays as a time to get caught up on various projects.

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Productivity Timer Review: Productivity Challenge Timer

It is no secret that I am obsessed with time management and productivity. OCD mixed with hypervigilence mixed with some ADHD…I mean, it may sound bad, but it’s made me a productivity queen. The downside is that sometimes I have a hard time staying focused. I am always looking for the right productivity timer. I started using Productivity Challenge Timer, a freemium app found in the Android store, about a month ago. Here’s what I think of it.

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Confession #626

So, here’s something most people won’t tell you about working from home. Shit that should be (and has in the past amounted to) a two hour project may very well take you at least DOUBLE that amount of time. And it’s not always because of something the client did or didn’t do / provide. It’s just part of working from home and having a family, responsibilities, etc.

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