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Lester E. Criner: Dec. 3, 1952 – Sept. 30, 2022

My dad, Lester E. Criner, passed away and entered Valhalla on September 30, 2022 after his battle with brain cancer. He is, of course, survived by his family in Wichita Falls, Texas, his adult children and grandchildren in Arkansas, Louisiana, and Georgia. Unfortunately, to my knowledge, he hadn’t gotten to see them in (his biological adult children or grandchildren) in many years. If you’re reading this, he loved you so much. Know that. And he wasn’t angry. He hopes that whatever happened (he was never into the story with us), you found peace in your life and that you’re able to move on and live a happy life. If you ever want, you have a step sister and step brother in Oklahoma and I have three sons. My brother has two children and three grandchildren at the time I write this. You always have family here if you’d like to know about his time with us. Just reach out to me here or on social media (TheRobinBull). I’m easy to find since I work from home. Don’t bother with our mother. You’d just be wasting your precious time. But we love you.


Lester is also survived by his stepson, Glen and his wife Christina, his granddaughter Christy and her husband Ryland along with their three children: Ben, Lela Rose, and Charlotte; and his grandson Tanis and his wife Grace.

Lester is also survived by his stepdaughter, Robin and her husband Danny, their sons Bryan, Jacob, and Uriel.

Lester is survived by his niece Shannon, her husband Darrin, their adult sons Michael and his wife Christine, Ryan and his wife Annie, and Curt; and their daughters Kayla and her husband Kenny along with their children Keyren and Kayson, and Amanda along with her children.

Lester is survived by his nephew Roger and his wife Jennifer, along with their children Racheal and her husband along with her children Titus, Syrus, Lucas, and Aryi; Elijah, Patrick and his wife Caitlyn; Jaimie and her husband and children.

We love you dad/grandpa.

Robin Bull

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