Thursday Jun 01, 2023

How to Find Freelance Jobs

Finding Your Freelance Jobs

Life is life right now. Keeping up with this weekly is definitely a bit much. I put together a 1 hour course (it’s free, don’t worry) on how to basically overwhelm yourself with work no matter if you’re a freelance writer, computer person, medical coder, whatever.

Becaus I hosted it through Gumroad and a 1 hour course is very large, they wouldn’t let me post it as pay what you want (even $0). So it’s listed as $2+. Use the discount code: LESTER to get it totally free. That is my stepfather’s name. He died of brain cancer on September 30, 2022. More than anything, he loved to help others. So, this video is my tribute to him. If you want to pay, go ahead. But it’s unnecessary.

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