Friday Mar 31, 2023

Find Your Friend’s Alternative Profile? Here’s How to Handle It

Recently, I came across this really long-winded on article on how to handle it if you come across a sorta kinda friend’s alternative lifestyle profile and how you, personally, should handle it.


I commend the authors for wanting to dig deep into all the details, but frankly….here’s the crux of the issue:

  • If you aren’t close friends, it’s none of your fucking business.
  • If you are close friends and they haven’t shared the information with you, it’s still none of your fucking business even if you’re all, “I’m not into that…” If you’re not into it, don’t look at the account.
  • If you’re worried about their privacy, it’s also none of your fucking business. They’ll either protect their privacy or they won’t.

So YOU mind YOUR business and leave them the fuck alone. If they are adults and they aren’t looking to have sex with children or farm animals, don’t fucking worry about it.

Problem solved. You aren’t the Internet police.

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