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Copywriting AI Tools: Should You Use Them?

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Regardless of whether you’re a business owner (of any kind), blogger/writer, copywriter, or article writer, should you use copywriting AI tools? After all, copywriting AI tools are all the rage.

What Are Copywriting AI Tools?

Copywriting AI tools are online tools that profess to write your copy for you (or your clients). They write everything from blog posts to ebooks to emails to whatever you want them to write, depending on the tools. I have a subscription to Rytr. For the record, I don’t use it my clients. I use it to help me generate ideas from time to time. An unlimited account is what I have. I chose them because of the cost and because their unlimited account is unlimited. By the way, I am not part of their affiliate plan so I get nothing if you use the link above.

This article isn’t about Rytr itself. It’s about copywriting AI tools in general. Mentioning that I have a Rytr account was me being fully transparent with you all that (1) I have an account somewhere and (2) I have experience with these tools.

What Are the Pros?

There are several benefits to using AI copywriting tools.

  • You can use it to generate ideas. As I mentioned, this is primarily how I use it. Rytr is great for this. I can put in a keyword and a bit of text. It can spit out titles, outlines, SERP titles, meta descriptions, whatever. It has a ton of case uses.
  • You can use it to generate entire articles, blogs, product descriptions, social media posts, headlines, emails, etc. It depends on what the AI tool offers.
  • It can cut down on your writing time. If you’re looking to churn out a lot of content (note I said content, not good content) in a short period, AI copywriting tools can get it done.
  • You can learn how to write certain types of content (if you pay attention). If you’re not sure how many characters a SERP title should be or how many characters a meta description should be, this type of tool can help teach you. Again, I’m not saying the copy itself will be flawless or good, but you can learn a bit about this type of copy if you pay attention. Just follow up on this education by reading up on sites such as Search Engine Journal.

What Are the Cons?

Of course, all AI has disadvantages. Yes, it does (because I know some of you are arguing).

  • It must be heavily edited or it won’t sound anything like you (or your client). And please do not use it for your clients. In my professional opinion, the only reason you should use these types of tools for clients is to get ideas you can work with. As I said, I do that. I use mine for personal things and heavily edit what it spits out, even if it’s an outline. If you don’t edit what the AI gives you, it sounds nothing like you or your client. And I’ve read some terrible things put out by AI that businesses post on their blog. It’s very clear AI isn’t taking away the jobs of writers any time soon.
  • Sure, it’s fast but it also comes back (often) as plagiarized material. That’s another reason why you must make sure that you edit, edit, edit.
  • Even meta descriptions must be edited. I love meta description tools especially when I have longer keywords. The issue is that sometimes AI will toss in names of competitors or give unnecessary information. So, again, you cannot just copy and paste.
  • Google isn’t a fan of content generated by these tools. That’s not just a rumor. Google considers it to be spam. If you don’t want your content or your client’s content to get penalized, don’t just generate and slap it up. That’s a big no no.


How I Use Mine

Rytr is very easy to use. They have over 30 ways to use it and multiple tones, including humor. I use it to set up outlines if I’m running low on ideas and to generate some ideas for titles. Occasionally, I’ll use it to generate email ideas. Those are rough drafts. From there, I edit the crap out of whatever it is I’ve used it to create.

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What Google Thinks of Copywriting AI Tools

So, as I briefly mentioned under the cons of copywriting AI tools, Google isn’t a fan of their use when it comes to generating articles and slapping them up. Why not? Because the articles often look and read like spam.

Not long ago, a friend of mine sent me some screenshots from a new client she had. She had to rewrite articles for their site because their previous write clearly used copywriting AI tools to generate spammy nonsense. They were supposed to dental articles, but they certainly didn’t read like them.

As of November 2022, Google still does not have a way to automatically ding sites for AI-generated content. They require a human review. Keep in mind, though, if you’re a copywriter, content writer, article writer, or blogger…it’s your reputation on the line. Maybe your clients aren’t watching you closely now, but when the time comes that they get dinged for content, you’ll catch the blame. So, if you value your business and you plan to use these tools, edit your articles to create new content.

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