Proof of Just How Frightening Our Educational System Is

I went to public schools. I turned out alright. I even went to public schools long before the Internet was a thing. We had maps of the United States. We had to memorize all fifty states and the name of each city that was a state capitol. 

And the poor state of public education in the United States is recognized by most of us. I mean, Rhode Island has a lawsuit going. I don’t even want to talk about the state of education here in Oklahoma. 

Of course, there are people who complain about paying taxes to improve school conditions, buy new books, and pay teachers. I’d just like to point out to those of you that bitch about the cost of education that it will eventually bite us all in the ass…kinda like how this DC clerk tried to say that New Mexico was a FOREIGN country

WTF Wednesday

Yeah, I know…when I do these it’s usually a Friday thing…but it’s fall break here so it is sort of kind of Friday, at least for Baby Bull. Today, I read a horrifying story about a woman who murdered her nonverbal autistic son by leaving him a hot car. The news story pissed me off because of its content and because the headline talked about how the woman’s Google search results were “disturbing.” Her Googling was far less disturbing (“teen dies in minivan” and “autistic children and reincarnation”) than the messages she sent her friend, the living conditions of her child, AND her blatant lies. 

She said that she took a nap and that when she woke up, her kid (who had a history of wandering away) was just GONE. Okay, so as a mom who has a nonverbal autistic child who spends 95% of his time with me (outside of school), let me tell you something…you do not turn your back on a child who has a history of wandering away. You do NOT leave them unsupervised. Ever. Baby Bull isn’t much of a wanderer although he will definitely try to run away if something scares him. And there’s no telling what will scare him. So, when we go out walking, I always hold his hand. He is not allowed to go outside into the front yard alone. The screen door stays locked. Our backyard is fully fenced. He can go out with moderate supervision (ie I am not constantly over his shoulder) into the backyard when we offer OR he lets us know in some way (usually pointing or saying “outside”) that’s what he wants. We also have two large dogs who I can assure you will not let anyone (or any other animal) within three feet of him. 

There is absolutely no excuse for this. Special needs exist. It doesn’t matter how you label it. There are solutions. Solutions include better parenting (that can include taking classes if you really don’t know what to do), getting professional help to come INTO the home to help you OR help with your kid, and there are also facilities for placement. 

I really hope that woman gets the death penalty and I am not a big fan of capital punishment for several reasons (none of it really has to do with moral inclination). 

WTF Friday – Black Belt Beatdown & Captain Jack Versus the Police

wtf friday

Sometimes the news is just so crazy that I just skip this post altogether…and, the sad thing is that the stories I’ve chosen to put here this week are crazy, but they’re not the kinda crazy that makes you lose hope in humanity (well, except the ones about Oklahoma). They’re more of a squint your eyes and say, “Really…”

Sadly, though, for the last two weeks, most of the news stories that I’ve read online have been horrific. There’s no other words appropriate to describe them. And while I will sometimes post those things and offer some feedback, I just can’t do it this week. All I can say is, come on people….get your shit together. Be good humans.

Black Belt Beatdown at IHop

Note to anyone who may be considering robbing a restaurant…or any place, really. You never know if there’s a black belt in there who will beat the shit out of you (and a weapon won’t always matter because some martial arts teach how to disarm assholes). And, yeah, the black belt server definitely looks like he got the shit beat out of him a bit, but he did what most people aren’t willing to do.

Pregnancy Problems

Okay, so we all know how Christianity says that the spirit of God knocked up Mary…and we all also know that men remain virile even into their old age. So, my theory for the following story? Chuck Norris is actually God and he somehow managed to knock this woman up without having sex with her. Because, frankly, there’s no other explanation on the planet for the fact that this unborn child kicked a hole through her uterus and almost killed her.

Captain Jack Takes on the Police

Well, or at least some dude who thought fighting with cops would somehow be a good idea. This man was dressed as a fucking pirate and was arrested for burglary and, of course, resisting arrest.

WTF Is Mary Fallin Smoking?

First, medical and recreational marijuana isn’t legal in Oklahoma. But this woman is a special kind of stupid. Not only is our state squandering thousands of dollars per day on a special session (and our reps have one of the highest salaries in the nation for performing their CIVIC duty), but Fallin said on her Facebook page on October 18th that we have to put people over politics.

She said that in reference to the devastating cuts put into place that decimated a child abuse prevention program and outpatient mental health services.

Sure, we do need to put people over politics…but the politicians don’t really give a fuck about that. Continuing to destroy education, mental health care, and making it easier for abused children to fall through the cracks is much easier than raising the taxes on the oil magnates to help with the shortfall (meanwhile, we all pay extra in taxes this year for various things to help with the shortfall and our teachers get the short end of the stick financially). And, by the way, raising the tax wouldn’t take away jobs…because oil and gas jobs will stay where the oil and gas is located…and there’s a lot of oil and gas here. The politicians would just have less money lining their pockets.

If you’re going to be a governor…or a leader of any sort, you don’t just run your mouth. Lead by example. Get in there and get it fixed. But they don’t really want to fix it. They want to feel important.

WTF Friday – Aliens and Sucky Wedding Photos

wtf friday

Jesus. It’s been a week. There are so many stories I could bring you that highlight the craziness of this world…but due to serious time constraints, I’ve got two really fucking good examples for you.

First Class Ticket to Crazy Town

So, while I do believe that we’re likely not the only life forms that exist…I think that other life forms realize our stupidity and that we’re going to kill ourselves. They don’t need to intervene. I think they just kick back and watch.

Yet a man in Wyoming disagrees with me. He alleges that aliens filled him full of booze so that he could travel back in time and warn residents that aliens would land there next year. Police arrested him for public intox. I dunno what the fuck he was drinking, but I recommend rehab.

Sucky Wedding Photos

I don’t give a fuck (pun intended) about what others choose to do with their wedding photo session. Just keep in mind that what you post on the Internet is (a) out there forever and (b) subject to scrutiny and opinions you may feel like you don’t deserve.

Some newlyweds decided to have a little fun with their photo wedding shoot by simulating a blow job in the woods. The photographer became the center of backlash over the photo…and he basically said that anyone who didn’t like the photo (or thought the photo was tacky…or something similar) was essentially stuck in 1996.

So, yeah, that’s all I have for you guys this week. I’ve got a shit ton of things to do today despite another sleepless night. Wheee!