Recipe: Nondairy Vegetarian “Meatballs”

I’m not gonna go into some big long schpiel. I understand the point…the recipe blogs have lots of ads and sponsors…and whatever. I’ll only say one thing before giving you the recipe:

By nondairy, I mean no cow’s milk products. This still contains an egg. I’ve included vegan changes in parenthesis next to the one dairy ingredient and one other ingredient (which is likely unnecessary for those who aren’t brand new vegans…but just in case…)

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Work from Home Meal Plan 1

grocery pic


Okay, so last week during some errands, Bull and I decided to go back to menu planning. We just tend to do better…you know, less likely to buy fast food or frozen pizza. So, this category, Work from Home Meal Plan, will follow our weekly adventures in meal planning (including links to the original recipe and any changes we made because we are lowish carb).  Continue reading “Work from Home Meal Plan 1”