Saying No to Unethical Requests

Work at home life has a unique set of challenges. One of those challenges is making sure that you have enough work to pay your bills and have a comfortable existence. The thought of not having enough money can make any work at home soul cringe. It’s nice and (almost) esoteric to fall into the “I don’t need to make a lot of money – I do this cause I love it!” routine. Continue reading “Saying No to Unethical Requests”

WAH Rule #117 – It’s About Agile Thought

There aren’t any shortcuts to work at home success. While many people are certainly more productive when they work from home, working from home is still work. Various articles related to productivity state that people who work from home get more done and we often work more than our more traditional counterparts. What sets the successful apart? Why do some clients return to their contractors … Continue reading WAH Rule #117 – It’s About Agile Thought

Work from Home Ethics & Etiquette

Listen to the podcast free. Ethics Abide by city, state, and federal laws because a law suit is really the last thing that you want or need to deal with when it comes to business. For instance, did you know that in some towns you can’t run certain types of businesses from your home? Some cities or states may require you to have a certain … Continue reading Work from Home Ethics & Etiquette

WAH Rule 654 – Something Always Comes Up

If you haven’t already experienced this phenomenon in life, rest assured that not only does it happen when you work from home, but it does not ever improve. Any time you need or want to do something, something comes up. If you’re lucky, that something is cute and worth it and not annoying. Dan Bull the Anvil and I have tried to record the Sunday … Continue reading WAH Rule 654 – Something Always Comes Up

WAH Rule #7 – Don’t Forget about the Needs of Your Partner

I can’t stress that enough. I know that working at home is stressful for those of us who do it. We balance our workload and often feel totally responsible (at least we women, I can’t speak for men because I am not a man) for taking care of home life as well. Yet, we cannot forget the needs of our partner. If you have a … Continue reading WAH Rule #7 – Don’t Forget about the Needs of Your Partner