How Do You Handle Distractions While Working from Home?

I know it’s not much of an opening, but… The key to handling distractions while working from home is to remember the following:

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Saying No to Unethical Requests

Work at home life has a unique set of challenges. One of those challenges is making sure that you have enough work to pay your bills and have a comfortable existence. The thought of not having enough money can make any work at home soul cringe. It’s nice and (almost) esoteric to fall into the “I don’t need to make a lot of money – I do this cause I love it!” routine. Continue reading

WAH Rule #117 – It’s About Agile Thought

There aren’t any shortcuts to work at home success. While many people are certainly more productive when they work from home, working from home is still work. Various articles related to productivity state that people who work from home get more done and we often work more than our more traditional counterparts.


What sets the successful apart? Why do some clients return to their contractors over and over again? The answer is agile thought. Hiring a work from home contractor saves a business money on various overhead expenses. And, you know, there’s that productivity thing I mentioned. Yet,the real reason we’re successful is agile mental acuity. We have the ability to quickly assess a situation and come up with a solution. We’re able to isolate problems and determine the best course of action. Why? It’s a mix of experience, talent, and the fact that we know we don’t always have access to the client to ask a question. This leads to the development of problem solving skills that are quickly implemented.

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