Lots of People Wanna Work from Home, But…

Very few people actually want to work. There are projects that must be done? I gotta manage my own time? I have deadlines? Oh, no thanks. I thought working from home was easy…

It really does take a work ethic and time management skills (and self-discipline) to work from home.

The Ugly: Sometimes Shit Just Doesn’t Work Right

I woke up in a great mood. I felt well-rested (rarity). I bopped along through my morning routine knowing full well that I had a day full of shit that must be done. It’s Tuesday…so not only is there client work (probably a good 12 hours of it and here I am blogging at noon…) and some stuff that we needed to do that couldn’t wait. (Some of that is already done and wasn’t really a big deal. When you work from home, you learn to make it…well, work.)

So, how did I go from virtual bliss to a raging dragon? Well…since you asked…  Read more

Florida High School Shooting

So, I was gonna just keep my mouth shut about the most recent school shooting involving a former high school student who was able to blend in after he shot almost 20 people. Why would I, a mother, not want to weigh in? Because people do not listen.  There are factors that most people tend to ignore because they are too busy playing armchair lawyer, armchair policymaker, and armchair expertRead more

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

work life balance

Well, over the last few weeks, my life has clearly shown why I work from home: aging parents (one of which is still in the hospital and will likely still  be there for a few days), sick kids, field trip for Baby Bull, and the constant stress which tends to send me into sort of an obsessive-compulsive state of hypervigilence. Not sleeping well, constantly on the go, dealing with massive amounts of fatigue (had that fairly well under control)…  Read more