The Ugly: Sometimes Shit Just Doesn’t Work Right

I woke up in a great mood. I felt well-rested (rarity). I bopped along through my morning routine knowing full well that I had a day full of shit that must be done. It’s Tuesday…so not only is there client work (probably a good 12 hours of it and here I am blogging at noon…) and some stuff that we needed to do that couldn’t wait. (Some of that is already done and wasn’t really a big deal. When you work from home, you learn to make it…well, work.)

So, how did I go from virtual bliss to a raging dragon? Well…since you asked…  Read more

Florida High School Shooting

So, I was gonna just keep my mouth shut about the most recent school shooting involving a former high school student who was able to blend in after he shot almost 20 people. Why would I, a mother, not want to weigh in? Because people do not listen.  There are factors that most people tend to ignore because they are too busy playing armchair lawyer, armchair policymaker, and armchair expertRead more

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

work life balance

Well, over the last few weeks, my life has clearly shown why I work from home: aging parents (one of which is still in the hospital and will likely still  be there for a few days), sick kids, field trip for Baby Bull, and the constant stress which tends to send me into sort of an obsessive-compulsive state of hypervigilence. Not sleeping well, constantly on the go, dealing with massive amounts of fatigue (had that fairly well under control)…  Read more

The Cold, Hard Truth about Freelancing (or Any Other Small Business)


You know, I try to be a nice person and hang out in one or two specific writing groups on Facebook to answer questions. Those questions aren’t always about freelance writing. I’ll give perspective or answer questions posed by college students who are writing an essay. About once every two weeks, some poor, dejected, struggling person who wants to write for a living will ask a question or need consolation or encouragement. And, inevitably, all the assholes come out of the woodwork and tell them writing for a living is impossible, they should get a real job, and the likes. Oh, and there’s always the holier-than-thou writer who doth not wish to profit from their work for angels believe writing is to be done for pure joy.

I tried to pay my electric bill with joy once. The electric company wasn’t amused.  Read more

Can We Take a Minute to Talk about Titus 2?

It’s the holiday season (rather, the close of the holiday season). I’ve seen some incredibly ugly behavior come out of a person (well, more than one, but this situation really should be addressed) that should know better. No one is perfect. No one is really expected to be perfect. However, if you proclaim to be a godly woman who loves Jesus, that is the essence that should radiate from you. Because serving Christ (serving any Deity) is a daily decision and every choice you make should be thought out in consideration with how you want people to view Jesus (or God or Allah or insert Deity here. I, myself, am partial to Brigid and to Ma’at, but I’ll save my reasoning that a Goddess should be included for another post for my other blog). Read more