Can We Take a Minute to Talk about Titus 2?

It’s the holiday season (rather, the close of the holiday season). I’ve seen some incredibly ugly behavior come out of a person (well, more than one, but this situation really should be addressed) that should know better. No one is perfect. No one is really expected to be perfect. However, if you proclaim to be a godly woman who loves Jesus, that is the essence that should radiate from you. Because serving Christ (serving any Deity) is a daily decision and every choice you make should be thought out in consideration with how you want people to view Jesus (or God or Allah or insert Deity here. I, myself, am partial to Brigid and to Ma’at, but I’ll save my reasoning that a Goddess should be included for another post for my other blog). Read more

Say It With Me, Kids!


Say it with me, kids:

  1. Lack of planning by current, previous, or tentative clients does not constitute an emergency on my part. There was an on again / off again client, a small digital media company, that I worked with a few times. They paid and seemingly dropped off the face of the earth. I’d get an occasional, “Are you available? I have all these new clients and we need content!” I would say yes and we’d exchange a couple of emails to lay-out the framework. I’d ask when they wanted to get started (because I always get a “go ahead” in writing). Crickets. Okay, fine. So I’d leave it alone. Rinse and repeat the same behavior about every six weeks. Today, I received not one but two emails from the same small digital media company. The second message was essentially asking why I hadn’t immediately responded. Well, frankly, lack of planning (let alone execution) on the part of others isn’t an emergency on my part. And I have other clients. Monday is my absolute busiest day (not including Tuesday because Tuesday is short since Baby Bull has speech).
  2. Failure to plan is planning to fail. How many times have you heard me say that on the podcast or even read it here on the blog? I do not and will not drop or modify my schedule because other people can’t get their shit together. I rarely jump through hoops.

So, that’s my Monday (except I am only about 1/3 done with my day, if that).

No, I Will Not Apologize for Having a Good Life


I’ve read some really crazy shit on Facebook, but it seems like people have become extra crazy. I have friends that fall just about everywhere on the political spectrum. I consider myself a moderate. My conservative friends generally consider my beliefs liberal. My liberal friends see me as too conservative. I think for myself. I do my research. And that guides my vote.

I have friends who are Christian, Jewish, Muslim, atheist, agnostic, Buddhist, and pagan. I’m pagan. I’m very much a follow the golden rule (because every religion has one) type of person.

So, yeah, I see all sorts of shit on social media. Some crazy and eye-roll worthy stuff posted by people I actually know and some crazy and eye-roll worthy stuff posted by people that I met online.  Read more

No, You Cannot Totally Prevent Gun Violence Related to Domestic Violence (or Any Crime)

I don’t talk about my past here much for many reasons. A couple of those reasons include:

  • I have C-PTSD from it.
  • I am a survivor of domestic violence.
  • Once the ex said on the phone he would emotionally and mentally “break” me. I am not broken and I don’t dwell much on what happened although I do talk about my experiences to bring it to light to others who may be going through it. (Curious why I write “the ex” instead of “my ex?” It’s about depersonalizing the abuse. You can read more about it here on my other blog.)

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