No, I Haven’t Been Silent about George Floyd

While it may seem like it, I haven’t been silent about George Floyd. I just haven’t haven’t addressed it here on the blog. I’ve been very vocal about it on my official Facebook, my Black Moth Media Agency Facebook page (Black Out Tuesday), my personal Facebook page, Twitter, LinkedIn (for Black Out Tuesday), and Instagram (for Black Out Tuesday).

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Operation Varsity Blues: Aunt Becky Goes to Jail

So, Aunt Becky is going to jail for five months. I mean, I doubt she stays because of the ‘Rona. If Cohen doesn’t stay and I’m positive others got out (I am not talking about the common folk in overcrowded facilities…I am talking about the folks with money), she won’t stay, either. But do you know who I really feel sorry for in all of this?

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COVID-19 Won’t Be a Viable Murder Defense

I’m seeing a lot of “how to work from home with your spouse and not kill them” type posts online. And I get it…because many of you are now spending more time at home with your significant other (and probably children) than ever. Well, just remember that COVID-19 won’t be a viable murder defense. And divorce and child support are expensive.

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