Oh, the Irony

You’ll recall, with sweet, sweet irony (I hope), that the pAtRiOtS (the idiots of the insurrection and those on Parler) that somehow thought the liberals were in bed with the Russians…and then screamed about how their freedom of speech was being trampled upon when Parler was shutdown and, you know, when various social media companies decided to enforce their Terms of Service…

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What the Fuck Friday - news that makes you think WHAT THE FUCK

WTF Friday: Why BLM Protests Can’t Be Banned (It Ain’t That Difficult to Understand)

There’s still a whole lot of pissing and moaning by closeted racists that Black Lives Matter protests are still happening while they suddenly pretend to give a flying fuck about whether COVID-19 while spread because of large gatherings….while some not too long ago protested and took guns to government buildings because they couldn’t get a fucking haircut. (Example 1 which involves dressing as Santa; Example 2 with a government admission that if black gun owners did that, they would have been shot; and Example 3 with the State of Michigan looking to ban guns at their state capitol…yet we know this happened all over the fucking nation.) This was never about helping those in the hair and nail and beauty industry because yall could have just purchased gift cards to do that.

So, why can state and county fairs, car shows, and parades get canceled, and yet Black Lives Matter protests can still go on?

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As COVID-19 Spreads in Churches, California Governor Takes Action

So, here in Oklahoma, we are told to stop gathering in large groups…and people don’t take in seriously. In fact, Herman Cain went to the Trump rally in Tulsa and caught the Rona and is being treated in an Atlanta hospital. I’d never wish the Rona on anyone. I do wish everyone would wear a mask because the Rona is some serious shit. Wear. Your. Fucking. Mask.

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