COVID-19 Won’t Be a Viable Murder Defense

I’m seeing a lot of “how to work from home with your spouse and not kill them” type posts online. And I get it…because many of you are now spending more time at home with your significant other (and probably children) than ever. Well, just remember that COVID-19 won’t be a viable murder defense. And divorce and child support are expensive.

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Flava Flav Is No Longer Part of Public Enemy

Here, let me paraphrase what happened.

Chuck D of Public Enemy: Yes, Bernie Sanders campaign peeps, Public Enemy will perform at your rally.

Sanders peeps: Neat. Hey public, Public Enemy is fighting the power with us. Woo!

Flava Flav: Nu-uh! I am not! You stop using Public Enemy right now! Here’s a cease and desist letter from my lawyer!

Public Enemy to Flava Flav: Bye Felicia.

How this could have been avoided:

IF Chuck D knew Flava Flav did not wish to be part of this, the campaign maybe could have used Chuck D of Public Enemy…or, you know, Flava Flav mighta coulda just shhhh…and let it go. And, you know, conveniently been busy with another engagement? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Male Passenger Assaults Female Driver: Furries to the Rescue!

Imagine, you’re walking along the streets of San Jose, California and you see some guy in a car who should keep his hands to himself letting loose on the female driver. While most people would turn a blind eye and decide it isn’t their business (and shame on you if you are one of those people), a group of furries decided to get involved. And, yes, you read that right.

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