A Shitty Confession


Yes, pun intended. This morning, Baby Bull got dressed for school. About 15 minutes before it was time for us to leave, I sent him to the bathroom. He does his thing, flushes, and comes out. Right before we walk out the door, I could hear water running. I walk into the main bathroom, and it’s flooded. Don’t worry – we have tile floors.

Water was overflowing from the tank (not the bowl). ACK. So, I flush the toilet again to stop the overflow and turn off the water to the toilet. I tossed down some towels because I didn’t want him to be late for school. And off we went, me with wet feet because I was wearing canvas shoes and those damn sure aren’t water resistant.

When I got home, I went back in there and somehow the tank was almost full again although I turned off the water. Turns out, I hadn’t tightened it enough to totally stop the water. So, I turned it all the way and flushed again to avoid a mishap. Because the last thing I need when I’m on a conference call later is to deal with this again.

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Confession #101


Anonymous submission via form (and it is apparently in the air today with clients).

Nothing pisses me off more than, “I need you to do this (insert vague project description here). I’ll show you how.”

Later… “I don’t have the time to show you how I want or need it done, so I just need you to do it.”

-completes project and sends it-

Client complains, “This isn’t what I wanted! Read my mind and figure it out because I want something very specific that I said I would show you, but I’m not gonna show you because I don’t want to make time to get the result that I want from you.”

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Confession #820

baby confession

Anonymously submitted through the official fan page.

“If there’s one thing I absolutely cannot stand it is when people wanna work with me and schedule a time to chat about something specific…so I take time out of my day to call and the person isn’t prepared at all – and they didn’t even bother to just send an email asking to reschedule.”

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