Confession #820

baby confession

Anonymously submitted through the official fan page.

“If there’s one thing I absolutely cannot stand it is when people wanna work with me and schedule a time to chat about something specific…so I take time out of my day to call and the person isn’t prepared at all – and they didn’t even bother to just send an email asking to reschedule.”

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Confession #526

baby confession

Submitted via Facebook.

Sometimes client emails and calls come at the worst time. I often have to mute my phone to go take a dump or I respond to client emails and requests while on the toilet.

Confession #2077

confession dog

Sent via Facebook.

As a Landman, my work can be pretty dull. It’s a 2 – 3 hour long, quiet drive to crawl through old records vaults, and then drive back to translate legalese into algebraic equations. It’s like being a Mercenary Librarian or History Detective, all the action has long since been covered in dust.

But when I’m flying down the highway in tornadic conditions to get copies of original Grants from the Land Run, I feel more like Indiana Jones than I ever could have dreamed for.