Confession #3 – Hall Way Mad Dash

Imagine the following scenario…

You live the glamorous life of a work from home copywriter. Of course, the reality of that is if you’re sick, you work. There’s no paid time off. You’re doing your best to stay on top of your workload.

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Confession #626

So, here’s something most people won’t tell you about working from home. Shit that should be (and has in the past amounted to) a two hour project may very well take you at least DOUBLE that amount of time. And it’s not always because of something the client did or didn’t do / provide. It’s just part of working from home and having a family, responsibilities, etc.

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Confession #47

I have the strangest encounters with people…people that think that various forms of content (social media content, articles, web page content, video scripts, books, whatever) are left on the doorstep of a business by the word fairy.

Today, I went to pay the Internet bill in person. I usually pay online. While paying, I asked a question about how I would process a name change for my business account in the near future. I was told that I’d have to talk to the rep who started my account…and that was the answer I expected. Then:

Rep: So what does your business do, exactly?

Me: Provide written content for businesses.

Rep: People can actually make money doing that?

Me: Your company has several social media accounts, mails out flyers and sales letters to me weekly, has website content, has articles on their page, and they have commercials. They hire people to do that.

And right before I went in, my cousin sent me a screenshot of more poorly worded educational material from his continuing education course about how we all couldn’t live without “pop cans and CDs.” Really? Because while I do buy Blue Sky Soda in the can, I can’t tell you the last time that I used an actual CD for anything. My life is pretty much cloud-drive based.

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Confession #901

Confession 901

Sent to me by an attorney. Remember, if you send over your confession, you will remain anonymous. This lawyer worked from home (or as the cool kids called it, “virtual office” for quite some time). I can tell you that much of the following is applicable for anyone who is self-employed, regardless of where they work. 

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