Friday Mar 31, 2023

An Example of Why Cold Emails Are Bad for You

On Friday, I received an email from some dude I never heard of who says he emailed me months ago to offer me his marketing services and because I did not he respond, he needed to know immediately who the head of marketing was for my company so he could get an answer since I wouldn’t give him one.

That is exactly why cold emails are bad for business…because most freelancers, let alone new sales reps, are poorly trained and have zero idea how to research their leads, classify them, and properly approach them to build a relationship. My response is below and partially cut off. The cut off part will likely hurt his feelings. It says that I have no idea who he is…and I have zero recall of ever talking to him: zero, zip, nada. And that’s saying something because I have an eidetic memory. I remember every conversation, often in vivid detail. It’s related to my OCD.

I am very proud of the business that I built. No one will email me and demand answers to talk to someone other than me about my business…because I will straight tell you to fuck off and exactly how you fucked up. And he’s lucky that’s all I said in a business professional way. He’s also lucky I didn’t call his boss. Unfortunately, I had a full calendar Friday (and Monday). I could have put him on blast and not blocked his name or company…but I decided to wait and see if he responds or if he’s smart and shuts the fuck up.

Robin Bull

You may not know me by name but you know my words. I've helped you connect with clients, educate audiences, and inspire loyalty. And I also LOVE helping people work at home, whether they are stay-at-home moms, retired professionals, or folks with disabilities.

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