Wednesday May 31, 2023


working from home

Yeah, hi. I’m Robin Bull. You may know me from sites like Facebook, Twitter, LawDroid, and Upwork. I’m a mom of three and I work from home. It’s not always easy. It’s not always glamorous or pretty…but it pays the bills. Several of my friends also work from home…and all in a professional capacity. That’s right – no scams, no “surveys,” and no BS.

Just a couple of housekeeping items. First, any and all opinions expressed by me or other writers are strictly mine or their personal opinions. They do NOT reflect the thoughts or opinions of any of our clients or other associates. Second, from time to time you will find affiliate links. Why? Because money – that’s why. Like it or not, it makes the world go ’round.

You’re going to find the good, bad, and ugly truths about working from home on this site. Yes, you can also submit your anonymous confession. By anonymous, I mean that I may know who you are because of your submission, but your name, location, or business will not be published.

We have a jobs board. We also have a featured jobs board. We have some other neat features coming soon. Tough shit if you don’t like the ads. I moved the jobs board here. I used to keep behind a paywall. You’re welcome. The ad revenue isn’t much. Maybe a nickel a day. The most the site has ever made off of ad revenue was $1.10 which is about enough for a sweet, sweet trip to Dollar Tree for a bag of frozen broccoli.

My Trusted Team

My trusted team helps me keep the hot mess express on the tracks.

First, my darling, adorable, martial artist of a husband, Dan Bull the Anvil. No, he doesn’t post here, but he is an integral part of the bid’ness and the team. He’s the Director of Research for my business. He helps me plan all sorts of mischief when he’s not out there doing or teaching the struggle snuggle.

Manoj is a highly skilled web dev and SEO expert. He’s worked with GNC Japan. He is knowledgeable in WordPress, HTML, WooCommerce, CSS3, JS, and more. You can contact Manoj on Upwork or through his company site. Please let him know that you read about him on Confessions from the Couch!

And last, but certainly not least, we have Dan! Dan is a front end developer and strategist who resides in Portland, Oregon. He’s an all around nice guy I met on Twitter when I mentioned I was interested in learning WordPress for nefari…I mean, personal reasons. You can find Dan’s portfolio here. Visit his website here and find all of his social contacts in the lower right hand corner of his page. And if you decide to hire him, please let him know that found his contact information on Confessions from the Couch!

So let’s get this shit show party started!

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