Will Gabby Ever See Justice?

Domestic violence is a true bitch.

On one hand, I really hope this is douchebag Brian’s body. On the other hand, if he offed himself, Gabby and her family will never get justice. On the third hand, it proves that his bitch ass couldn’t live off the land like his lyin’ ass claimed he could, huh?

UPDATE: Dental records confirmed on 10/21/21 that the skeletal remains are those of Loser Laundrie. So, at this stage, the only way Gabby and her family will get justice is if the parents of Loser Laundrie face any type of charges for taking him “camping” after he showed up at the family home with HER van. He was being sought for fraud charges for using her debit/credit card without consent. If you ask me, and no one did so this is just my personal opinion as a blogger, that whole family is just rotten. All the middle fingers to them and all the love to Gabby and her family.

If there is a hell, that’s where Loser Laundrie resides.

5 thoughts on “Will Gabby Ever See Justice?

  1. # of times the NYP article names the murderer: 31
    # of times it names the murdered: 7

    Like you said: It’s about Gabby and justice for her. It’s not about finding out every possible detail about the case.


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