Oklahoma’s Second Worst Ice Storm Ever

So, I’m writing on my phone, from bed.

We lost power Monday around 3 pm, give or take, from ice storm 1. The neighbor across the street lost a tree that day. Ice storm 2 rolled through yesterday. The third was supposed to hit today…but all rain and above freezing.

More than 200k folks without power. Dunno when we will be restored. On the plus side, the house was 55~ degrees or so.

A whopping 50 degrees tomorrow for a high. So, it’ll get warm inside the house. It always does.

Elsa fucked up Jacob’s 20th birthday but we used UberEats to get his favorite burger. Uri was happy to see him.

Oh, and while this is touted as the second worst ice storm, Jacob was 7 and B was 9 for the first. Uri wasn’t born.


Oklahoma 's second worst ice storm killed neighborhood tree
The tree eventually fell almost all the way down.

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