Pro Tip for New Freelancers

So, for those who don’t know, I post freelance writing and editing jobs every week on Twitter, G+, LinkedIn, and Facebook. I do this as a service to the writing community. Inevitably, though, every week on at least two platforms someone comments on at least one post saying, “Hire me.” So, I have a new pro tip for new freelancers (and it doesn’t matter if you’re wanting to be a writer, editor, web dev, researcher, or whatever). 

Follow instructions.

Yes, really. That’s it.

Why would a client hire you if you won’t take the time to read what the requirements are for a job and provide said client with the information that they need about you and your experience? They can’t read your mind. They have shit to do. They don’t want to play 20 questions with you unless you intrigue them. No. They want you to tell them what they need to know so they can decide if they need to move on or talk to you.

If it’s a link, make sure nothing bad will happen to your computer and then click it to learn about the qualifications.. Follow the instructions listed within the description. Do not bombard anyone with “hire me” comments. Put together the right information and submit it to the prospective client.

Again, if you cannot be bothered to click a link and follow the instructions this early in the relationship, the client isn’t going to bother with you. It just shows them that you probably won’t follow their requirements for completing the project, either.

So, don’t screw yourself out of work. Follow the fucking instructions.

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