Wednesday May 31, 2023

A Shitty Confession

Yes, pun intended. This morning, Baby Bull got dressed for school. About 15 minutes before it was time for us to leave, I sent him to the bathroom. He does his thing, flushes, and comes out. Right before we walk out the door, I could hear water running. I walk into the main bathroom, and […]

You Hired a Writer – Now What?

I mean, they just crack their knuckles, rub the sides of their head with their fingers, raise an eyebrow at you (or their computer screen as they gaze appreciatively at your email), and stare hard…then, magic happens, right? Magically, the words travel from their brain and into the Word document. It will be perfect. It […]

Informal Church: Let’s Talk About What’s REALLY Wrong and How You Can Address Your Own Emptiness In this (very short and possibly cough laden) podcast, Robin preaches on what’s REALLY wrong in this society, drops some perspective on you about your words, and tells you how you can address your feelings of emptiness.  Don’t forget to subscribe here on Podbean so that you NEVER miss an episode! Check out Confessions from the […]

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