Day 2 Recap

So, day 2 was easier for me than day 1…except no matter how much I ate, I constantly felt hungry and felt kinda foggy. Once again, I had to sneak in protein in the form of meat. I’ve officially quit the diet and am just going back to total low carb. Today would have been day 3…and I did weigh myself this morning (because remember, it was supposed to be lose 10 pounds in a week). I’m down to 132.5.

Tonight I think I am making chicken of some sort. Pretty sure Dan is done with this thing, too. According to the scale, he lost six pounds in two days. He’s a big guy and works out a lot so being hungry is another no go for him…although he was far less whiny about it than me.

I get terrible hangry. Monster hangry. I’ll do the rest of the Work at Home Alphabet later today.

Edit: As of 2021, my husband still follows this diet (and lasts through it) around tournament time but supplements it with Orgain protein shakes. I am still primarily plant-based as of 2021.

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