Sunday Feb 05, 2023

Zoom Fatigue: Why Online Meetings Suck

So, this article on USA Today was written about Zoom fatigue and it says that we are all exhausted by the end of Zoom meetings because we’re all just oh so pressured at the thought of attending a meeting with so many people. Because I guess the writer never worked in corporate America.

That’s not why Zoom fatigue exists. We get Zoom fatigue for the same fucking reason we all hate going to in-person meetings: because most people can’t run a fucking meeting if their lives depended upon it.

  1. They don’t have an agenda.
  2. They take too much time.
  3. They talk about shit that could have and should have been discussed via email or a VERY short phone call.
  4. They make it mandatory for people who aren’t involved and who don’t need to be there (thus sucking up valuable productivity).

That’s why we have Zoom fatigue and meeting fatigue. It is not the fact that there are other people…or kids…or dogs….except that perhaps the facilitator needs to learn how to start a meeting with everyone on mute so that we don’t have to listen everyone coughing and play Pollen or Plague in our minds.

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