Thursday Jun 01, 2023

WTF Friday – That’s Not How ANY of It Works!

What the Fuck Friday - news that makes you think WHAT THE FUCK

Since I haven’t written a WTF Friday in a while, it seems like a good time to do it. Frankly, 2020 being the giant, raging dumpster fire that it is seems like a nonstop WTF Friday…


Florida Woman Calls 911 to Complain Cop Won’t Give Her a Ride

An officer responds to a 911 hang up not once, but twice in Florida. Both times took place at a medical facility, by the way around 3 am. The staff informed the officer that they told this woman that she needed to either seek medical help or leave. The woman told the cop that she needed a ride…to another city. The cop declined. The woman went across the street and called 911 again to complain about the lack of service she received from said officer.

So she received a ride, alright. To jail.

That’s not how 911 works. At all.

And in more “that’s not how it works” news…

Less Testing or Looking for Certain Results Does Not Mean They Don’t Exist

I live in Oklahoma…not Tulsa. Stating that we only have a higher number of positive tests because we do more testing is inherently incorrect. (By the way, I linked to Politifact, a fact checker, and not a news source so that conservatives are less likely to bitch and complain about Trump being picked on. I did, in fact, hear those words for myself as they were recorded. And yes, yall do need to stop with the, “He didn’t say that…and if he did, then he didn’t mean it.” That is the same logic used against domestic abuse victims when victim shaming and protecting abusers…)

In fact, we probably have more positive COVID-19 patients than we realize because if you go through the general online COVID-19 symptom checker, it tells you that unless you have a high fever, shortness of breath, certain underlying conditions, etc., don’t get tested, and keep your ass at home under self-quarantine…or to call your state’s department of health to determine if you need to get tested. Of course, more doctor’s offices now offer COVID-19 testing to the public. So, the fact is that there are probably more positive cases than what the official numbers reflect.

If that’s the logic we’re going to use, then why not stop looking for undocumented people? Won’t we have less of them? Why not stop looking for welfare fraud? Won’t there be less of it? You know, had Hillary Clinton been elected, conservatives would not have stood for such dangerous double talk.

That is not how it works. It’s dangerous. If you don’t want to wear a mask, that’s on you. You’re putting yourself at risk…but don’t bitch at others who want to take precautions. Because if we’re wrong for wearing masks or avoiding crowds, we’ve lost nothing. If we’re right, we may have save our own lives or the lives of someone we love…like my special needs son who was once a fetus who didn’t ask to be born but is here anyway…and that is what being pro-life is: taking care of people when they are here and not just when they are in utero.

The Supreme Court Isn’t Picking on Anyone

And, for whatever reason, I guess Trump decided to sleep through US Government and US Civics classes. I took Civics in seventh grade. I took US Government in high school. I taught US History as well as Intro to Law for paralegals. So, while he complained that the Supreme Court seemed to be picking on him or didn’t like him, they aren’t and it isn’t their job to take sides (as he was warned by Chief Justice Roberts to not take SCOTUS for granted).

SCOTUS is not a political body. If you do not know how SCOTUS works, please do yourself a favor and take a US civics or government class. It isn’t their job to overturn shit you just don’t like because it offends your religious beliefs. Its job is to look for errors that endanger justice to ensure that all Americans receive equal justice as well as to guard and interpret the Constitution. They do not have to take every appeal brought to them. They do not have to rule in the way that whatever elected president believes they should rule. It is about checks and balances. It is not about making friends or about politics. The fact that conservatives somehow thought bringing in Chief Justice Roberts (who is a great Chief Justice…I’m a moderate) and Justice Kavanaugh would somehow “undo” Roe v. Wade (a huge issue that many conservatives start barking about the very minute there’s an opening) is laughable. Once a decision is issued, it is not revisited without some sort of huge case that comes up that causes it to be revisited. Because again:

So, please, Google U scholars…sit down somewhere and be quiet.

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  1. You used my favorite ever MTV character! I don’t think dumpster fire is a strong enough phrase LOL.

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