Wednesday May 31, 2023

WTF Friday: Do You Even Science?

What the Fuck Friday - news that makes you think WHAT THE FUCK

It appears that we are now seeing one of two things (and I am placing all my money on the second thing):

  1. There’s been a massive failure of the entire educational system for years (and while I believe this is a core issue, I do not blame the majority of teachers. I do blame the government restrictions and teaching to pass state and federal tests as opposed to actually educating individuals); or
  2. Bless their fucking hearts, some people are just fucking stupid.

And, again, I am going with that #2 item. So, Kayleigh McEnany stood there and fucking said that science shouldn’t “stand in the way” of school opening back up. She must be Betsy DeVos’ favorite.

The acceptable number of student and teacher deaths is zero. First, while I always give my opinion and analysis on my website (hi, you’ve reached my website. I am a professional writer with a BS in Paralegal Studies and over 15 years of legal experience, although I am not a lawyer. I have just as much of a First Amendment right to an opinion as anyone else), I will also always do my very best to determine whether certain claims floating around the internet are true.

While DeVos never said the death rate would be .02% of children, she did try and downplay the risks to children. She also previously suggested a proposed budget cut of 26% (in education) of special education programs. The money itself would have be redirected to national security. I am all for reasonable amounts of national security, by the way. My middle son was in the National Guard. To even propose cutting programs for vulnerable children and adults (most special needs children go to school until they are 21 years old) is disgusting. So, then to downplay the risk of any child or teacher? Let alone the special needs children, like mine, who have underlying health issues who would have to go back to festering petri dishes? BB doesn’t mind masks, but there are many autistic children with sensory issues that will not wear them.

Then add in the speech therapists, occupational therapists, teacher’s aides, and other children in the “specials” (art, music, etc.,) that many special needs children, including mine, are integrated into for the full learning experience. The therapists and aides do their best, but they can’t always control what other children do to them or around them. And we know how parents are. They send sick children to school.

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Don’t give me the parents have to work bullshit. No one plans for a pandemic. No one should have to risk their life for you. Not your children and not teachers. Get a tutor. Use virtual learning environments. Figure it out. There are teachers and other children with immune disorders. No one should have to pay the price for anyone else’s convenience. Their body, their choice…just like those who didn’t want to wear a mask who are now throwing a fit over all the stores and cities requiring masks who now think their rights are being violated (but are all for dumping pro-choice laws). Frankly, if they are good enough for medical staff treating other infectious diseases and in the surgery ward, they are good enough for me and for you. Stop being a crybaby.

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