Sunday Feb 05, 2023

WTF Friday – Aliens and Sucky Wedding Photos

wtf friday

Jesus. It’s been a week. There are so many stories I could bring you that highlight the craziness of this world…but due to serious time constraints, I’ve got two really fucking good examples for you.

First Class Ticket to Crazy Town

So, while I do believe that we’re likely not the only life forms that exist…I think that other life forms realize our stupidity and that we’re going to kill ourselves. They don’t need to intervene. I think they just kick back and watch.

Yet a man in Wyoming disagrees with me. He alleges that aliens filled him full of booze so that he could travel back in time and warn residents that aliens would land there next year. Police arrested him for public intox. I dunno what the fuck he was drinking, but I recommend rehab.

Sucky Wedding Photos

I don’t give a fuck (pun intended) about what others choose to do with their wedding photo session. Just keep in mind that what you post on the Internet is (a) out there forever and (b) subject to scrutiny and opinions you may feel like you don’t deserve.

Some newlyweds decided to have a little fun with their photo wedding shoot by simulating a blow job in the woods. The photographer became the center of backlash over the photo…and he basically said that anyone who didn’t like the photo (or thought the photo was tacky…or something similar) was essentially stuck in 1996.

So, yeah, that’s all I have for you guys this week. I’ve got a shit ton of things to do today despite another sleepless night. Wheee!


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