Wednesday May 31, 2023

Work from Home Resources

Here are some of the resources I use a seasoned work from home professional. Please note that while I use these resources, they may or may not be right for you. You need to research the options available and decide for yourself which option is best for you. If you sign up for one of the following resources, I may or may not receive a credit from the company. Please see my affiliate disclosure for more information.

ClickUp – ClickUp offers both free and paid project management plans that are great for work from home professionals. The free plan provides 100 MB of space. The first two paid plans provide unlimited space and generous resources for solo professionals as well as small digital agencies. You can pay monthly or annually. It is also very reasonably priced, starting at just $5 per person, per month if you pay annually. They have lots of templates as well as integrations to choose from, including various ways to track your time. In the past, I’ve used Trello, Asana, Wrike, and Zoho. While I liked Zoho (I like most of their offerings), for one person, the cost was a little much. Trello and Asana…I just didn’t like them. Wrike? Too complicated, too expensive, and while my clients should have been able to log-in and assign projects to me, they couldn’t. It was a train wreck.

Zoho Invoice – Zoho Invoice is an affordable and easy way to invoice your clients as well as track your time. I’ve used their platform for years. I’d say since 2014 or 2015. You can set up multiple online payment methods, your clients can log-in to pay you directly, you can set-up estimates, you can record your expenses, and there are a lot of great report features as well.

Zoho Social – I use Zoho Social to manage my social media accounts. I’ve used Buffer and HootSuite in the past. The customer service from Zoho Social has been absolutely outstanding. Their reports, especially for the price, is second to none.

AirTable – I use AirTable to manage a couple of bookings databases for clients who I help find opportunities to appear on podcasts or guest post on websites. AirTable can be modified in practically in way you want. I am not an AirTable expert, but I get by…they have lots and lots of templates. If you need an actual AirTable expert, go to my About page and contact my virtual assistant, Faiza. I have other plans for AirTable, but that’s all I’ve done so far.

Organize & Grow Your Business

Unf*ck Yourself Undated Digital Planner

Are you looking for a fun and yet mildly harsh way that will help you get your sh!t together? I know…I was, too. So I made one! The Unf*uck Yourself planner isn’t censored, by the way. It’s also undated. It’s a full color PDF that includes: – 12 month layout – Weekly lay-out for you to reprint over and over again so that you don’t let sh!t fall through the cracks – Daily f*cking battle plan with your top three goals – Budgeting forms – Meal planning and shopping lists Did I mention that’s undated? You can use it over and over again. The real question is… what the f*ck are you waiting for? **ONCE YOU PAY, I WILL EMAIL YOU THE PDF!**


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30 Minute Marketing Plan

Think marketing your business has to take a lot of time and resource? It doesn’t. This reusable PDF walks you through how to mix and match free social media resources to market your small business in just 30 minutes per day. All you have to do is bring the follow through. **This PDF will be emailed to you after payment is received!**


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Google MyBusiness Marketing Plan

Please note I am NOT affiliated with Google. Ready to make the most of your Google MyBusiness account? This PDF walks you through how to make the most of your Google MyBusiness account after you’ve verified it. You’ll learn: – What content works best for GMB – How often you should update GMB – What you should do about negative and fake reviews **This PDF will be emailed to you AFTER payment is received!**


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And what sort of writer would I be if I didn’t tell you to read my book, Kill Something and Drag It Home? If you have Kindle Unlimited, it’s free! And if you’ve never signed up for KU, you are likely eligible for a free trial of it through Amazon.

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