Wednesday May 31, 2023

Work from Home Meal Plan 3

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Here we go with week three of simple to prepare work from home meals! 

Wednesday – Honey Mustard Pork Chops + Black Eyed Peas

You can find the honey mustard chicken recipe here.

Key Changes: Well, we used pork chops because we get sick of chicken. We eat a lot of chicken. And…we didn’t use the grill because rain. Oh, and canned black eyed peas because I didn’t think of anything until I went to the store to get the pork…

Bull’s Verdict: I wouldn’t change anything. Fantastic. Nice to find something we didn’t have to change to make it taste better.

Robin’s Verdict: The honey mustard sauce from the original link (above) is freaking amazing. I loved it.

Thursday – Sausage Egg Roll in a Bowl

You can find the original sausage egg roll in a bowl recipe here.

Key Changes: Zip.

Bull’s Verdict: I really liked it. I feel like Robin does…tastes pretty much like the filling for the meat pies she made when we got married. Except she chopped the cabbage by hand…and this was much easier and faster.

Robin’s Verdict: Alright, so…we doubled the recipe. This is similar to a filling we make for a particular ethnic dish my grandmother taught me…except, you know, this one has ginger and soy sauce. That part was a bit weird for me. It was good, but it needs salt and onion.

Friday – Spicy Garlic Chicken Flatbread

You can get the original recipe from Buns in My Oven by clicking here.

Key Changes: We ended up buying tortillas because we couldn’t find naan (or anything flat bread aside from pita pockets).

Bull’s Verdict: I liked the chicken and the seasonings. We definitely needed the flatbread.

Robin’s Verdict: I loved the garlic and red pepper infused oil. Bull is right – it would have been better had we been able to locate naan or had I just bought some damn flour and made flatbread. I love how fast and easy this is. And cheap. I was able to get minced garlic at Dollar Tree. I would definitely make this for lunch for myself if I had flatbread. I’m sure I’d do it on a regular basis, too.

Saturday – One Pot Pizza Pasta

Find the original recipe from A Dash of Sanity by clicking here.

Key Changes: We used spaghetti noodles because Baby Bull loves spaghetti noodles. We also used jarred sauce because I forgot to get tomato sauce.

Bull’s Verdict: My only complaint is that my wife’s bowl had more cheese in it than mine.

Robin’s Verdict: I love this. Love. Love. Love.

Sunday – Fend for Yourself Day

Monday – Fend for Yourself Day Part Deux

In reality, we cooked. It just wasn’t anything special. We put together some chicken and some sausage.

Tuesday – Low Carb Broccoli Cauliflower Cheese Soup

You can find this tasty low carb goodness here.

Key Changes: Bull forgot to buy the bacon. We have the fake bacon bits, but those just aren’t the same.

Bull’s Verdict: The cooking instructions are a little harder to read than most, but overall this meal does not take that long to make.

Robin’s Verdict: I’m not the one cooking. It smells good.

Total grocery cost (just for these meals, not including breakfast, lunch, or snacks): $55

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