Wednesday May 31, 2023

Work from Home Meal Plan 1

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Okay, so last week during some errands, Bull and I decided to go back to menu planning. We just tend to do better…you know, less likely to buy fast food or frozen pizza. So, this category, Work from Home Meal Plan, will follow our weekly adventures in meal planning (including links to the original recipe and any changes we made because we are lowish carb). 

Generally, we plan for dinners because I’m often the only one here for lunch. Everyone has different breakfast routines, too. For instance, I don’t usually eat breakfast until after I take Baby Bull to school.

So, here’s how this works. Each week, I will post what we plan to make and any changes we will make. And what we thought of the recipes. As a mom who works from home, I believe in eating well…and spending reasonably.

Wednesday – Bacon Fried Rice

You can find the original bacon fried rice recipe here.

Key Change: we bought a head of cauliflower, boiled it, let it cool, and then I use my fingers to smoosh it up to look like rice. Of course, you can buy pre-made cauli-rice if you’re low carb. I’m cheap. I can do it my damn self.

Bull’s Verdict: I would eat it again.

Robin’s Verdict: I’m the one who made it. Using cauliflower, it can be time intensive, but it was so so sooooo good. In fact, we had quite a bit left and froze it to use with a recipe later in the week.

Thursday – Garlic Rosemary Pork Tenderloin and Broccoli

The recipe for the garlic and rosemary pork tenderloin can be found here. We bought Tuscan seasoned Jolly Green Giant frozen broccoli.

Key Change: I threw all of this in the crockpot…except the broccoli. Once the pork tenderloin was done, I removed it and threw the broccoli in and cooked it in the broth for about an hour. Oh, and I cooked it on low for hourrrrssssss.

Bull’s Verdict: I really liked it. I want Robin to make it again.

Robin’s Verdict: I’d add more garlic, but that was my fault…I ran out. I think it would be fucking amazing for pulled pork nachos.

Friday – Bull’s Deep Dish Crustless Pizza

I’ll just have to describe it for you…he cooks sausage and hamburger and drains the fat. Then, he uses Canadian bacon and pepperoni (pepperoni on top). He adds pizza sauce and tops with a shit ton of mozzarella. Pepperoni on top of the cheese. Then, into the oven for 30 minutes or so.

Bull’s Verdict: It’s my recipe so of course it’s goddamn amazing.

Robin’s Verdict: I do enjoy it…especially since I don’t have to cook it. I’m sure he’ll side-eye me for saying this, but it also takes like…less than an hour. Oh, and of course it is kid friendly.

Saturday – Parmesan Chicken Strips and Bacon Wrapped Green Beans

Okay, so, if you’re not low carb, you can use the parmesan chicken strips recipe here from the original source. For the bacon wrapped green beans, you can get that recipe here.

Key Changes: Since we’re lowish carb, I do parmesan chicken strips in one of two ways. I will either make up some low carb breading using a bit of almond flour along with the parmesan cheese (and garlic powder and onion powder) or I just pour a bowl of parmesan cheese and add the other spices. You have to use an egg wash and there’s still a chance that the straight parm won’t always stick to the chicken…but it’s still fucking delicious. With the green beans, we did it in two ways (and use the fucking parchment paper – save yourself the clean up hassle unless you’re like me and have super old pans you’re about to replace)…first, the wrapped bacon way – partially cook the bacon…and wrap the green beans. Then, we had green beans we just sprinkled with cooked bacon and the brown sugar.

Bull’s Verdict: The low carb version of the parmesan chicken strips was amazing. The only thing I would say about the green beans is add a little more brown sugar.

Robin’s Verdict: Well, there were no left overs….

Sunday – Fend for Yourself Day

Yeah, I didn’t cook.

Monday – Lime and Chili Chicken Bowls with Black Beans

You can get the recipe for the lime and chili chicken marinade here. For the black beans, I used dried black beans and cooked them all day in chicken broth with garlic and onion. I made no changes to the recipe for the chicken. We put it in bowls with the black beans and added cheese. Kinda like a low carb burrito…without the tortilla.

Bull’s Verdict: Probably better if we could marinate it longer. Definitely needs more lime and cumin, but not bad. Definitely a nice change from how we usually season our chicken.

Robin’s Verdict: Same. Next time I do it, I will marinate the chicken all day. I just didn’t think about it earlier.

Tuesday – Orange Chicken

You can get the original orange chicken recipe here. We served it with the leftover bacon fried rice from earlier in the week.

Key Change: Since we are lowish carb, we won’t use the panko breading…and so I just cooked the chicken on the stove.

Bull’s Verdict: I’d ditch the vinegars and keep the citrus. The vinegar seems really strong. Maybe, like, change it to a teriyaki. What this recipe taught me was I like citrus recipes, but just not this one…

Robin’s Verdict: First of all, it’s hot as hell in the house and I didn’t look forward to cooking a goddamn thing…..but apparently food is a necessity of life so… Oh, and I bought frozen OJ for this because it was cheaper…and the recipe only needs 1 cup of OJ so guess who gets to drink gin and juice? This girl. I got the chicken out to thaw this morning so I kinda feel like a rock star. And, yes, I am writing this while I prep. Sauce did not thicken as I anticipated…and I followed the directions so I am not sure what that’s about…but from the smell – I am not hopeful. It smells like hot vinegar. Bull said it smells fine to him…so…

Total grocery price this week (shopped at Crest): roughly $70.

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