Wednesday May 31, 2023

Work at Home Alphabet Part Thrice


J Is for….

Just because I work from home doesn’t make me your maid, your chauffeur, or your new babysitter. I need my work time just as much as you need yours. Having the ability to work from home doesn’t make my time less important than yours. In fact, it kinda makes me more important because people know that I don’t need to be watched over and that I know how to manage my time.

K Is for….

K. The response we give to people through text or messenger who won’t leave us alone while we are working.

L Is for…

Late nights. Maybe you’re working. Maybe you’re unwinding. But it’s late and oh look the dog puked on the rug again…and your child wants their 9,252 glass of water…because “I love you and miss you and don’t want to go to sleep.”

M Is for…

Multitasking. You know it’s not the best way to run your business…or your home. But those invoices won’t update themselves…and the dishes won’t put themselves into the dishwasher and suddenly, your children have found something to do and are no longer “bored.”

N Is for…

No. No is a very important word. No, you may not put the cat in the blender. No, you may not try to sky dive from the roof. No, I will not work for exposure or “ad revenue share” because if you had exposure as a website owner, you’d have enough ad revenue now to pay me. And I will not spend extra time directing people to your site in the hopes they click on a link so you can make 1/10th of a cent. No.

O Is for…

Oh my gods, you’re kidding me, right? Changing the entire scope of a project you spent 15 hours on right before a deadline? All in a day’s work. They want me to write 1,000 words and they want to pay me an entire dollar? Oh my gods….no.

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