Tuesday Sep 27, 2022

Work at Home Alphabet Part 1


I started rattling this off the other day to my husband. He thought it was hilarious and that I should post it. I’ll post it in chunks and then put it together as some sort of funny download.

A is for….

Asshole. The asshole in the life of a work at home professional can vary from day to day. One day it could be someone with a laughable proposal or saying you’ll get paid through exposure (people die from exposure as my good friend says). It could be your toddler who decided to “help” you. It could be your dog and his incessant need to run in and out. It could be a problem client. Hell, it could be all of those things in a single day.

B is for…

Bullshit. Bullshit proposals with a non-existent budget, clients who want to talk to you for just “a quick call” and four hours later, they’re still talking (not even about the project you’re working on, either), or the way family members think you don’t have a real job and want you to do things for them. All of it is bullshit.

C is for…

Coffee, of course. This magical elixir of the gods keeps us from maiming or killing.

D is for…

Deadlines! Yes, they really do exist for work at home professionals. Don’t you love the way they stare you down as deal with the bullshit from above?

E is for…

Every damn day. There is no such thing as paid leave. Because when you’re not working on client projects, you’re working around the house.

More in a day or two… I still have lots of shit to get done.

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