Sunday Feb 05, 2023

Will I Lose 10 Pounds or Just My Mind?

So, I spend an unhealthy amount of time on Pinterest. Okay, so…unhealthy is too strong of a word – but I spend a lot of time there in the evenings on some days. I have various boards….makeup, funny stuff, business stuff, writing stuff, and fitness stuff (and food stuff – duh). A couple of weeks ago, I found this pin. Honestly, I probably don’t need to lose 10 pounds. I could use some more time in the gym to tone myself back up, though. I have a gym membership. I was going daily for months…and now I haven’t been in two months. I know. Bad Robin. The good news is that my husband and I are primarily lowish carb people. I went from almost 150 at the beginning of 2016 down to where I am now (136) in three months or so doing lowish carb and hitting the gym. I am happy with the weight that I am at (as of this morning: still 136).

With that being said, I’ve grown fairly accustomed to eating whenever in the hell I want and a lot of whatever in the hell I want. Read: Robin eats a lot of protein because it keeps her from being crazy. Well, the Pin says no meat for the first three days (and yes I know there is protein in certain fruits and vegetables; with that said, though, my brain says it isn’t the same and I respect my brain).

Day 1 is all fruits except bananas. That’s cool because I fucking hate bananas. Of course, the Pin mentions eating melons because they are lower in sugar (and yes you can overdo it on natural sugar although your body knows how to handle it a hell of a lot better than the refined shit in that 64 ounce soda on your desk).

Day 2 is all vegetables except beans (which sucks because I bought chickpeas that I planned to roast). You also get a single baked potato. Since I am not a carb junkie anymore, the potato doesn’t mean jack shit to me.

Day 3 is only fruits and vegetables (no potatoes).

Day 4 I am sure will kill me because it is banana and yogurt day.

Day 5 is bird and tomato day. Six tomatoes. That’s rather specific, but I already have a plan.

Day 6 is bird and veggies day.

Day 7 is a beef-broth vegetable soup.

I could just lose my mind…that would take off a few pounds. For today, we bought grapes, papaya, pineapple, kiwi, strawberries, pears, apples, and oranges. Large amounts of these things. I think my husband bought a cantaloupe as well. I’m eating grapes while scribbling this out. I just keep telling myself that more fiber never killed anyone.

We eat a lot of chicken and fruit and vegetables. Also, I am making breakfast and dinner on top of these for the tiniest of Bulls. He eats lunch at school. So, I suppose it isn’t a HUGE change from how we already eat except the first two days limits us to just one food group…and Friday we are going to see a movie. Can we resist the urge to gorge on popcorn?

Will we be ready to call it quits after day 2? The husband will likely last longer than I will on this one. I got us to lowish carb, but I am not entirely sure I can get through this craziness. Stay tuned, folks…

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