Saturday Feb 04, 2023

Why You’re Not Making Bank as a Freelancer

I get message after message from new freelancers for help because they’re struggling. They want free help. They don’t want to book paid appointments. They email me. They use my contact form. They join my free group. Some join my paid group. And they still bitch about how they can’t make it work. They act like they don’t know what in the fuck they are doing wrong despite having all my knowledge handed to them. Well, here’s why you’re not making bank as a freelancer.

It’s not the market. It’s not the prospective clients. It’s not Upwork’s fault. It’s you. You are your own biggest fucking problem. I posted this unlisted video just for my private free group. It is all about how to optimize an Upwork profile. And it has zero views. Now, the post itself? It’s been viewed by the entire group…but not a single person who joined the group who complained about not being able to make any money as a freelancer bothered to watch the video…which means they don’t have the knowledge to implement the changes to get in front of their ideal clients.

And that’s why they can’t make any money as a freelancer. Now you know why I am also not afraid to just tell people how to be successful doing what I do…because most people are too lazy to bother.

You are your own biggest problem. Get out of your own way. Stop being afraid of success. Stop being a victim of yourself. You are stopping you. The market is not stopping you. You are stopping you. Period.

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