Saturday Feb 04, 2023

WAH Rule #7 – Don’t Forget about the Needs of Your Partner

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I can’t stress that enough. I know that working at home is stressful for those of us who do it. We balance our workload and often feel totally responsible (at least we women, I can’t speak for men because I am not a man) for taking care of home life as well. Yet, we cannot forget the needs of our partner.

If you have a spouse or significant other, keep in mind that they have needs, too. They shouldn’t always have to take the brunt of your shitty day. They shouldn’t always be responsible for everything while you only focus on work.

And for those of you saying, “Well, what about me?” or “I’ll do it when they start remembering my needs,” all I have to say to you is stop being selfish. First, not many people really get the whole work at home lifestyle if they aren’t the ones working from home. Even if your income is the main income, your partner still has needs. They should not be ignored. They should not be secondary (or third or fourth). At least, not if you want a happy life.

Today I am working and taking care of the Baby Bull while my husband hits up a noon BJJ class. Why? Because we’re a team, that’s why. His happiness and his needs are just as important as mine.

Excuse me while I go help the Baby Bull pull his underwear out of his butt crack and finish writing a blog post for an insurance defense lawyer.

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