Tuesday Mar 21, 2023

Helping New Freelancers Find Work

Helpful video for new freelancers

To honor my dad, I am helping new freelancers find work.

I’ve had a lot of personal changes in my life over the last five months. The biggest was the loss of my dad at the end of September. One thing about my dad is that he believed in helping everyone he could, when he could.

He was also a big believer in second chances. My dad loved to tell his story of his second chance. Although he was in the Navy and a veteran, at some point while he was in Texas and before he became my stepdad (which was in 2012), he became a drug addict. He was born in the early 50s, by the way. So he lived a colorful life. He was raised by his grandmother.

From what he told us and told my criminal justice class when he spoke to them, he was quite the baller when it came to using and dealing cocaine. Eventually, it caused seizures. And he ended up in the Texas prison system. But because he lived through his medical issues and the prison system, ended up in an Oklahoma half-way style housing area that treated addicts and the mentally ill who could not live in their own (I placed my mother there after my bio dad passed because I lived out of state. My now adult children were tiny things…I was 25.).

He felt that coming to Oklahoma, meeting her, and basically “inheriting” my brother and I along with our children was his gift from God…his second chance…because as much as he missed his biological children (he knew he screwed up) they wanted nothing to do with him. So, as their relationship progressed and even she got healthy, got off drugs, and stayed on her meds, they eventually moved out and on their own.

(She eventually went back downhill a few years later and back on drugs but that’s not what we are here about.)

Dad was grateful. He loved to talk about how drugs would ruin your life, BUT there was a second chance…and you should embrace your second chance…and how YOU CAN accomplish anything. It was his dream to give talks about it. He was able to give a few although not as many as he wanted. But he would talk about it to anyone who would listen and help anyone he could, when he could. He was a happy guy.

So, to honor him I put together a one-hour training video on how new freelancers (and any freelancer who is struggling) regardless of the type of work you want to do (or already do) can find legitimate jobs without solely relying on freelance platforms.

I wanted to make it 100% free in his honor. Because it is hosted on Gumroad, they couldn’t do that because of its size. I wanted to show you exactly how I kept the old jobs list here that I no longer keep. So, it is marked as $2+. You can use the coupon code (exactly like this): LESTER

If you do, it unlocks for FREE. So go now.

Robin Bull

You may not know me by name but you know my words. I've helped you connect with clients, educate audiences, and inspire loyalty. And I also LOVE helping people work at home, whether they are stay-at-home moms, retired professionals, or folks with disabilities.

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