Wednesday May 31, 2023

Trudeau Gets Snarky about Trump’s Delay Because of Press Conference

On my way home from the grocery store, I heard a story on KOKC Radio that Trudeau was caught on a hot mic full of snark because Trump was late because he decided to attend a press conference.

First, if that’s the only criticism another leader of the free world can muster, I’m inclined to say that you either have nothing really negative to say (or, as others would argue, you haven’t been paying attention).

I’ve never cared for Trump as a person. I didn’t care for him before he became President. I don’t particularly care for him now (although I give credit where it is due for acceptable policy decisions). I doubt I care for him after he leaves office. And that’s my right.

Of Course Trump Was Late

This wasn’t a move to disrespect Trudeau or anyone else. And just shhhh for a minute and let me explain if you’re convinced otherwise.

Trump came from a filthy rich family. He became a household name as a business owner; whether he should be judged as successful or not is certainly up to debate. Yet we all knew his name from the 80s and 90s. If you didn’t, you were probably born in the 90s which makes me old enough to be your mom…or you lived in a cave with a family of Yetis. If you lived with the Yetis, I’m not judging. I am saying you missed an awesome decade in which Dateline was in its prime.

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Then, Trump became a reality star. Say what you will, people watched it. Those of us who didn’t watch still knew of his shenanigans. I, for one, had better things to do…like go and visit the Yetis.

youre fired

And then Trump becomes President. Think back to the Republican debates. It really would have been more fruitful and entertaining to just go about that whole thing Celebrity Deathmatch style…and if you don’t know that reference or weren’t of legal adult age to watch it, I’m definitely old enough to be your mother.

celebrity deathmatch

Anyway, so he becomes President which involves more press.

Everything he’s ever done has involved getting his name and face in the media in some way. Therefore, this was not Trump looking to disrespect Trudeau. It was Trump doing what he’s always done: media blitz.


And what he says at any particular press conference or interview isn’t necessarily relevant, particularly when the media continues to prove it is 94% opinion, 1% fact, and 5% total bullshit aimed to…drum roll, please…

cat drum roll

Get attention…there is rarely such a thing as bad press.

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