Wednesday May 31, 2023

Top 20 Posts of 2020

I dunno about yall, but it’s been a long a long year. Like most sites, I’ve put together a summary of the top posts of the year. Beyond that, I’ve put together a short commentary of what it tells me about you, my faithful freelance readers.

  1. Morning Meltdown 100 – Day 1
  2. Open Calls for Submission
  3. Zoom Fatigue: Why Online Meetings Suck
  4. Unfuck Yourself – A Tough Love Essay on Self
  5. How to Find a Work at Home Job
  6. Learn to Own Your Shit When Dating
  7. How to Write an Upwork Proposal Clients Can’t Turn Down
  8. Morning Meltdown Phase 1 Finished
  9. Handling the “Yeah Right” Crowd
  10. The 6 Ps of Successfully Working from Home
  11. Why You’re Not Making Bank as a Freelancer
  12. Former Sex Phone Worker Partially Vindicated After Dismissal from Indiana Army National Guard / Vista
  13. Tech Tuesday: Panda Planner Rocketbook
  14. Dealing with Isolation & Minimizing Burnout
  15. COVID-19 Won’t Be a Viable Murder Defense
  16. One Year as a Vegan 5 – Things I Learned
  17. How to Get Over Your Fear of Rejection
  18. Working from Home: Getting from Idea to Reality
  19. Work from Home Resources
  20. Governmentally Glorified Glory Holes

So, here’s what I learned…

There’s a very good chance you’re here because you’re sick and fucking tired of your life as it is and you want…no, you need something to change. You want to make working from home work for you. You need that to be successful. You’re tired of feeling like a failure. I’m a real person (hence the posts about completing Morning Meltdown and being vegan). I took the hard road of going from work from home idea to reality while working and raising a family (without buying into a business “opportunity;” look, if you want to do that, go for it). Oh, and who doesn’t want to read a feel-good story about someone winning a court case and the government sanctioning the use of glory holes? I mean, come on…this is the Internet. Come for the business talk and stay for the…okay, I don’t know why yall stay, quite frankly. I really don’t. But here’s to another year that is hopefully better for all of us.

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